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Symantec Antivirus for your Personal Devices

Loughborough University has invested in Symantec antivirus suite for staff members to use on their personal Linux computers and laptops. The software may be installed by any member of University staff however, the software must be removed from home computers once a user ceases to be a member of the University.

For more information and download instructions please see our Antivirus Software page

Protect yourself from Ransomware 

Keep your antivirus software up to date. For a managed service this is done automatically for personal devices it can be downloaded from the Software page.

Ensure your computer operating system has up to date Windows patches. For a managed machine this is done automatically however other machines or personal devices ensure you check and install any patches regularly.  

Do not use unsupported Operating Systems e.g. Windows XP as the vendor is unlikely to release any security patches to plug any vulnerabilities.  

Backup data on a regular basis in case a restore is required.  

Only download software from reputable sources such as the vendor of the product and be wary of any site offering you commercial software for free.  

Do not click on suspicious links from email and webpages.  

Do not pay the ransom as there is  no guarantee you will be provided with the key to decrypt your data.