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Sharing Teams recordings

Microsoft Stream is only available for staff, the service is unavailable to students. 

Recordings of teaching sessions should be transferred to the ReVIEW system following the instructions under “How to record a live interactive session” on the Teams Intranet site in order to be accessible to students.

Uploading a Teams recording to share with others

Note: If you use the Share option presented in Microsoft Teams by default this will give access to everyone in the University. Please do not use this option.

If you have previously used this option the instructions below detail how to change the permissions to share with the correct individual or group of staff.


Locate video

Go to to view the videos listed in the 'My content' area that you have successfully uploaded to Microsoft Stream. 



To the right of the thumbnail image you will see a group of icons. Select the pencil icon labelled “Update video details”



Use the Permissions tab to search for the person, people or Team you want to give access to.

Anyone in the list of Viewers will be able to see the video.

If you tick the “Owner” box that person or group will have access to edit and delete the video.

The Display box means that a video is displayed within the named Team (Team created in Microsoft Teams) or Group (an Office 365 Group).


Tick box option

The tick box option at the top  “Allow everyone in your company to view this video” should only be selected if this is a video that all staff (university-wide) should have access to.


Save changes

Select the Apply button at the top of the screen to save your changes, or Cancel to undo them if you have made a mistake.

Options to share

Once you have set the permissions as required the Share button gives 3 options to share the location of the video.

The Share tab will display the link which points directly to the video. Copy this link and send as required.

The Email tab will allow you to search for people or groups and will email a link to them

The embed tab shows the HTML you can use to embed the video in a web page (note that only people with the correct permissions will be able to see the video). This is recommended for advanced users only.