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Hardware and Telephone

Features available

Softphone Mode:

If your PC / Mac is equipped with a suitable webcam and microphone, you are able to use Jabber to make voice and video calls without the use of a handset. It is recommended you use headphones and a microphone. Please contact IT Services to enable softphone mode. Calls will be charged to your department as usual.

  • Presence:

Shows other users your status and if you are available to be contacted. 

  • Contact Lists and Contact Groups:

You can add other users to contact lists in Jabber to see their presence status to contact them quickly. Contacts can be grouped together as required.

  • Instant Messaging:

Quickly send a message to one or more Jabber users at the University. You can also transfer documents.

  • Voicemail:

Access your voicemail messages directly from Jabber.

  • Outlook Calendar Integration:

Jabber links to your Outlook calendar to automatically update your presence status if you are in a meeting.

  • Caller ID:

The Caller ID will be displayed on your PC / Mac when your handset rings.

  • Group Chats, Group Emails and Conference Calls:

Quickly start instant messaging chats or conference calls with a group of Jabber contacts by selecting the contact group.

  • Persistent Chat Rooms:

As of Tuesday 10th May 2022, IT Services has disabled the persistent chat rooms function within Cisco Jabber and will not longer be supported. This change is to improve the use of Cisco Jabber to solely support telephony requirements. The reason is to support migration from Cisco Jabber to Microsoft Teams which will allow for a greater user experience with added functionality.

We recommend the use of Microsoft Teams to support group chat activity. Guidance on creating teams can be found on the following link:

  • Jabber for iPhone, iPad and Android:

You can use your iPhone, iPad or Android devices with Jabber to make and receive calls as though you are using your desk phone. You will need to download the necessary apps. Please be aware - the Jabber apps are subject to application management by the device and may be hibernated without your knowledge. The client will be unable to receive calls or messages in this state. The app service will have to be enabled as required by the individual user. Please contact IT Services if you require the enabling of your extension number. 

  • Using Jabber Off-Campus:

While working off-campus, you will still have access to Jabber to make calls as though you are using your desk phone, provided you have a suitable microphone. The services available will depend on the speed of the network. It is not necessary to connect to the University's VPN unless screen sharing and file transfer features are necessary.