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From 1st August 2020 IT Services took over responsibility for providing IT equipment for Professional Services, and we are now responsible for providing desktops, laptops, tablets and monitors/screens for professional services. If work in professional services and have a requirement for a device please email where we will assess the requirement and make arrangements to provide a suitable supported device.

If you are in a School you will still need to request new kit following the local arrangements for your School.  

There are a few things to note:

The policy allows for one device per person unless there is a compelling business case. 

  1. ITS do not provide mobile telephones handsets but do manage and provide the contracts for those handsets.
  2. ITS do not provide consumables such as cables, mice or keyboards by default, but it is always worth checking with us first as we may have some in stock preventing the need to but more. If we are unable to supply you wil need to order any consumables via the appropriate routes. A new supplier – XMA – has been appointed for IT consumables.
  3. All kit is now covered by a 5 year warranty – so no replacements for machines will be considered unless they are at least 5 years old. 
  4. If you can notify when someone leaves or a machine is returned we will arrange for the device to be collected and returned to the pool. 

New desktop, workstation and laptop suppliers

Stone and Dell are now live and waiting to take our orders

If you are purchasing IT equipment for a department or research group please consult your local IT staff. They will help you ensure correct technical standards and that the University's substantial purchasing power is used to obtain the best value for money.

New suppliers - a guide to who sells what

As we now move to purchasing from the two new suppliers, below is the guide for which supplier sells which product


  • Desktops
  • Monitors
  • Workstations


  • Laptops
  • Surface style devices
  • Monitors
  • Laptop docks
  • Carry cases
  • Power packs

Dell also offer a service called Dell Advantage which allows staff to purchase equipment for home use at reduced prices.  Please see the separate Tab for information of the current deals

Apple Products

  • All Apple products
  • Mobile phones - all makes

If you are unsure please contact the IT Support team for your park or the MSO team in IT Services.



The Stone models are now available to purchase. (Prices and Specifications can also be found below) 

Please ensure you select the correct Agresso supplier record:

  • STONE - Agresso supplier number S15961

In order to ensure that the costs associated with the kit order have been authorised, orders can only be accepted from an approved Agresso authoriser – or if there is explicit authorisation from them in the emailed request.


Range available from Stone

All models come with keyboards and mice.

For Lab machines. please contact your Park IT colleagues who will be able to provide the specifications and pricing


Iiyama Monitors

There are three Monitor Models/Sizes to choose from:



Stone are now the University's chosen supplier for Workstations, they offer a tailored workstations service

Please contact them directly to discuss your requirements

Lee Sanvitale

01785 786 807

07771 215723


Accessories available

  • CROSOFT Desktop 600 Business USB Keyboard and Optical Mouse
  • Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 USB Port EngBrit Hardware Black
  • Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse Black USB - V2.0 - 4YH-00007
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Frequently Asked Questions

If an order is placed what is the delivery time agreement?

Guaranteed delivery times are as follows:

  • Standard Desktop - 5 days (Delivery will be on a Thursday)

How long is the warranty?

Hardware is covered under warranty for 5 years.

Who can I contact at Stone?


Lyndsy Brown

01785 786 782

Account Management

Lee Santivale

01785 786 888

07771 215723

Having problems with Stone?

Contact Nick Cope in IT Services


Desk phone: 01509 227074

Nick is the University Contract Manager



The Dell products are now available to purchase. (Prices and Specifications can also be found below) 

Please ensure you select the correct Agresso supplier record:

  • DELL - Agresso supplier number S12569


Dell Laptop range

There are a selection of laptops for you to consider for a range of budgets and specifications.

 Standard laptops

XPS Range

2 in 1 Surface style devices

Don't forget for the 2 in 1 devices you will also need an adaptor to connect to an ethernet cable.  Please see the accessories section for details.

* subject to stock, all leadtimes are estimates


The Latitude range is covered by a 5 year warranty and the XPS range is covered by a 4 year warranty


Dell Monitors

There are three Monitor Models/Sizes to choose from:


Dell Accessories

For full compatability details please refer to the sheet on the Dell order form above

  • 470-ABRY DA200 Adaptor - Dell USB-C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 3.0          
  • 452-BCDJ Dell WD15 Dock                                                       
  • 460-BCFK Professional 15" Briefcase                                                       
  • 492-BCJL DA300 Dell USB-C Mobile Adaptor                                              
  • 451-BBMV Dell Power Companion PW7015L                                              
  • 452-BCPB Dell Thunderbolt Dock 180w                                                        
  • 460-BBXI Premier Sleeve 13"                                                      
  • 461-10169 Clicksafe Lock                                                             
  • 451-BBME Power Companion USB-C 12000mAH                                                
  • 460-BCFH Professional 15" Backpack                                                      
  • P350M Active Pen for 3390 2 in 1                                                        
  • 750-AALT Active Pen for XPS 2 in 1           
  • 452-BCOV Thunderbolt Dock 240w
  • 461-AAFD N17 Keyed Laptop Lock                                           
  • 450-AECO – Extra Charger (check compatibility)
  • 450-19041 – Extra Charger (check compatibility)
  • 450-AGOL – Extra Charger (check compatibility)
  • 450-18920 – Extra Charger (check compatibility)
  • 470-ABSF – Extra Charger (check compatibility)
  • 450-AGNQ – Extra Charger (check compatibility)

Frequently Asked Questions

If an order is placed what is the delivery time agreement?

Guaranteed delivery times are as follows:

  • Standard Laptops - between 5 days and 6 weeks depending on the model you choose

How long is the warranty?

The Latitude range is covered under warranty for 5 years and the XPS range is covered under warranty for 4 years.

Who can I contact at Dell?


Ross Lindsay

Office phone: TBC



Account manager

Peter Green

Mobile: 07808 640890


Having problems with Dell?

Contact Nick Cope in IT Services


Desk phone: 01509 227074

Nick is the University Contract Manager

To view the catalogue of items available please click hereAgresso Supplier number: S10679

Trade in and Disposal Service

If you are looking to trade in any Apple equipment then Academia's ReviveIT service can help.

All Apple equipment is covered by this arrangement including mobile phones which are out of contract.

Please click here for more details and to obtain a trade-in quote.

We recommend you discuss all 'trade-ins' with IT Services before purchasing. 

The University's contract with XMA ends on 5th October 2018

Support is still available for the Viglen and Toshiba equipment you have purchased

Customer Care 
For after-sales enquiries, including repairs and replacement of parts.
Tel: 01727 201 810
Hardware Support

Dell Advantage for Employees

Looking to purchase a device for home?

Dell offer a scheme which allows employees to take advantage of preferential pricing as we are now Dell customers.

Purchases are made direct with Dell, you do not need a University purchase order.

How to get your voucher code:

  1. Visit and click Get Your Voucher Here
  2. Enter a work email address and vouchers will be sent to you via email.
  3. Your discount vouchers can then be used on

Delivery, repairs and operating system licenses will be managed direct with Dell.

See the leaflets below for more information

What is an iTrap Supplier

An iTrap supplier is an approved supplier that can be used for items not covered by our other contracts

Current suppliers is


Agresso supplier ID to be used S14324