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Google Services

When is this happening?

This change is scheduled for June 2019.

Why are we moving away from Google?

Google services have provided the University with an effective productivity platform for the past 8 years however, due to Google reducing its investment in its products, lack of support and the versatility of other platforms; the University has decided to provide Microsoft Services moving forward.

What are other HE Institutions using?

Over 90% of HEI’s have switched from Google Services to Microsoft.

What will happen in June 2019 to my data?

All data stored in the Google suite (Docs, Drive, Forms, Photos, etc) except for Google Scholar will be removed.

I’ve used my Google account credentials to access other apps/services, how can I check these so I can update my settings.

Access this information here: You can remove access from this screen or log in to the respective app and update your account details with an alternative email address.


What can I do with my data, how do I move it away from Google?

A transfer process has been outlined Step by Step on the Google Services page .

What about Google Drive files/folders shared with me?

Sharing links are removed when data is taken out of Google. To continue to have access to these files/folders we recommend moving them into OneDrive using one of the following options:

1. Confirm with the document owner that you can create a copy and manually do this onto your device, following which you can then upload them into OneDrive. This option will mean that you will not be able to see latest versions or any edits of the source document as it will no longer be shared between contributers.

2. Request the individual that shared the file with you to upload it on to OneDrive and re-share it with you. This way you both are still able to work collaboratively on the document and they retain ownership. 

I’m a new member of staff and want to create a Google Scholar profile, is this still possible?

Yes this is still possible as Google Scholar is not being removed as part of this change. However, we do highly recommend creating a profile using your personal Gmail account, to ensure you can retain your Scholar profile throughout your career.

Where can I get additional information on the Microsoft Services?

Information on these services is available on the ITS webpages under Software.

I have paid for Google Play content (Music, Apps, Books, etc), will I lose these as part of the change?

Information stored on your individual devices will not be removed during the change however, once content is removed from the device it will not be retrievable.

How will Google Chrome be affected?

Following the removal of Google services, Google Chrome will not be affected and you'll be able to use the browser as normal. 

Can I still use Google Analytics?

After access to Google services is terminated. Access to Google Analytics will no longer be available using your University account

Where can I get help & support from?

You can get help and support for your devices by email, by phone or in person.

  • The IT Service Desk is open Monday to Friday from 08:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by phone on (01509) 222333
  • The PC Clinic, in the library is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. On weekends it is open from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Drop-in Workshops – Dates TBC

How do I access a Google Service using my personal account?

  1. Go to your account:
  1. Select the Google Service from the waffle (see below). Then check the account you are using in the top right corner and alter to your personal Google account. 

I've created a YouTube account with my Loughborough credentials, will I still be able to access it?

Youtube is part of Google services and all services being accessed with Lboro credentials (except scholar) will be inaccessible. However, you will still be able to access these services with a personal account but, any content in your Loughborough account will need to be removed if you wish to retain it

How do I access Gmail with a personal account?

  1. Go to your account:
  1. Check to see which account you are logged in with in the top right corner of the page. Change it to the desired account. 



      3. Select the gmail application from the waffle (9 dotted square)


Will my data in YouTube and other services be affected?

Yes, any data you have saved against your account in these services will be affected. This includes Youtube, Google Fit, Maps and others.

I’m using the Google sync client, is this affected?

The Google sync client will be removed as part of the move away from Google however a date for this change has not yet been determined