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Please Note: This services will commence in June 2022

Visitor accounts

University ID cards and IT accounts can be requested for people visiting the University for a period of a month or longer. Such requests can be made by any member of University staff although they must be approved by the hosting school/department. Please note Visitor accounts are not suitable for the following categories and are covered on the staff account information page:

  • People who need to be paid directly by the University (including expenses)
  • Emeritus Professors
  • Lay Member of Committee
  • Retired Staff who are still collaborating with research including supervising Research students
  • Retired Staff who are still delivering teaching
  • Visiting Sponsored Academics/Professors/Visiting Research Fellows

Please note, work is under way for External Examiners to receive automatic IT user accounts based on examining appointment. Although these are paid by the University, the interim please request a Visitor user using the button below for accounts for Research or Taught External Examiners.

To request a visitor card or account simply click on the link below (you will need to be signed into the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client if you are not on campus and connected to the network) and provide some basic details of the visitor such as the purpose of the visit, their name and the period of the visit.

Once you submit the completed form it will be automatically forwarded to the relevant School’s Operations Manager, Head of Service or their appointed nominee(s) for approval.

Temporary Guest Wireless Account

For visitors who do not need an account with access to Loughborough email and file storage but temporary access to the wireless (up to 56 days), please use the Guest Wireless Access button below:

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do visitor’s IT accounts have the same access as student and staff accounts?

A: No. Whilst visitor accounts can provide access to Outlook and OneDrive, they do not necessarily provide access to the full range of resources (often due to licensing restrictions) that student and staff accounts do such as Learn, library resources etc.