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Warning: Spam Emails

2:55PM, 22 October 2018

Warning: Extortion Via Spam Emails

 We have been made aware of extortion scam emails being received by users saying, 'Your Account Was Hacked'. 

There are variations in the emails being circulated here are a few features of the ones being reported:

- ‘<your email address> is hacked’ as the title

- The sender address faked to look like it’s sent from your own mailbox or from a ‘random’ email address

- Most quote a password most likely been acquired via an external site compromise e.g. LinkedIn (or other)

- All say that you need to make a payment to a bitcoin account to prevent further action being taken.


ACTION: If the quoted password is being used for ANY account you have ( or personal), you need to change it immediately as a security precaution. Otherwise the email can be deleted.

 - Should you have any concerns or queries please email