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Scam Email- 'Are you on Campus'

1:33PM, 25 October 2018

IT Services have been made aware of scam emails being received by staff with a subject of 'Are you on campus’. The scammers appear to have researched who to target with these emails and mimic who the email is sent from.


The details of the email are:

- The emails appear to come from a senior colleague within your school or professional service such as Dean of School or Head of Department displaying their name but using a personal email address;

- Initially they ask if you are available on campus to start the engagement;

- The scammer implies they are in a meeting, but has an urgent request and can't be contacted by phone;

- They request you to purchase physical gift cards such as iTunes/Amazon on their behalf.


Please do not respond to the email and delete upon receiving any such email.


If you have responded to the email and/or for further advice please contact IT Services (


Or for email spam guidance please refer to