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Network upgrade notice: Schedule for Central Park locations

2:26PM, 23 December 2021

IT Services are upgrading the campus wired network (Network 2020 project). The upgraded solution will provide the University with many benefits including improved security and faster more reliable and efficient network capability.

Phases 1 & 2 of Holywell and East Park locations have been completed and Phase 3 will commence in January 2022 in Central Park.



24th - 27th January

FM Buildings / Spinney Hill Toilets

28th January

Hazlerigg Building

31st January


2nd - 4th February

HiPac / Seb Coe / Paula Radcliffe Athletics Pavilion

7th - 8th February

Holywell Houses + Fairmount (Incl Whitehouse)

10th February

Bridgeman Building

11th February

Student Accommodation Centre - Campus Living

15th February


17th February

FM / Geography

21st February

Admin One Building

23rd February

Sir Richard Morris Building - SBE

24th February

Graham Dilley

8th March

Rutland Building

3rd March

Schofield Building

4th March

Stewart Mason Building

15th March 

LUFS / Martial Arts

17th March

Medical Centre

21st March 

Students Union

22nd March

SU Campus Nursery

29th – 30th March

William Morris Refectory & Warden Lodge

1st April

Swimming Pool

5th – 7th April

Haslegrave Building

11th – 12th April

Brockington & Brockington Extension

13th – 14th April

James France Building


To help minimise the impact to staff when changes are made, we are starting to engage with colleagues across the University to ensure Schools and Departments have as much notice as possible. Therefore, any business-critical activities that the project will need to consider before commencing work should be raised with Project Managers, John Gilding  or  Anthony Tunley.

On the day of the changeover there will be a period of downtime as we transfer to the new hardware. Disruption may range from 10 minutes to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the IT hardware in the location.

We are recommending colleagues work remotely or from an alternate location on campus on the day of the changeover to minimise the impact they experience.

A reminder notice will be sent a week before the scheduled work date. 


For regular updates including confirmed dates, notice of completed works and FAQs, please visit the dedicated webpage:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the project team