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IT, Library and Print are on Tour!

3:51PM, 20 October 2016

Want to find out more about what services are on offer from IT Services, Print services and the Library?..... Good news! We are on tour!

IT, Library and Print will be hosting a joint services information stall at various locations on campus, including the London campus, from Monday 24th October through to Tuesday 8th November.

Come and see us for help, guidance or a chat about the services we offer to assist with your studies.

Week 1



Monday 24th October

Wolfson Cafe Area

Tuesday 25th October

Martin Hall Foyer 

Wednesday 26th October

Cope Foyer

Thursday 27th October

Schofield Foyer

Friday 28th October

Haselgrave Ground Floor 

Week 2



Monday 31st October

Physics Foyer

Tuesday 1st November 

Chemistry Building Foyer

Wednesday 2nd November

Students Union 

Thursday 3rd November

West Park Teaching Hub

Friday 4th November

James France Exhibition area

Week 3



Monday 7th November

EHB Atrium

Tuesday 8th November

London Campus


See you there !!