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Important IT Update for All Returners:Connecting to Wi-Fi

12:03PM, 4 November 2016

Returning students who set up their devices to connect to the University wireless network (eduroam) during the last academic year (2015 - 2016), these certificates used for network access authentication are due to expire. Certificates are due to expire on or after 7th November 2016 and you may see a notification on your device warning you about the expiry.

Action Required:

To remain connected to the wireless network please complete the following steps: 

1. To obtain a new certificate for the academic year 2016 -17, visit 

2. Login with your University username and password and click on ‘Clean-up Certificates’, this will display all certificates issued to your device.

3. If the ‘Valid until’ date is 07/11/2016, you will need to delete these certificates and renew your configuration. YouTube video instructions are available on our website.

This will need to be done on all the devices you wish to remain connected to the eduroam network for continued access to the wireless network at Loughborough University.

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