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Important information: MS Teams recordings

4:35PM, 10 January 2022

MS Teams recording expiration

From January 2022, newly created Teams meeting recordings in OneDrive and Teams Channel Files (SharePoint) will be automatically deleted after 30 or 60 days unless the meeting owner extends the expiration.  Meeting owners will be notified about expired recordings.


For meeting owners with a University funded ‘Microsoft 365 A3’ licence the default expiry is 60 days as agreed with University IT Governance and can be extended (Please see Microsoft support page ‘Manage the expiration of a meeting recording’).

For all other users the default expiry is set by Microsoft at 30 days and this cannot be extended.

Do I have a ‘Microsoft 365 A3’ licence?

1.           Sign in to

2.           Click “View” in the Subscriptions box (near the bottom)

3.           Now click “View Subscription" and look for ‘Microsoft 365 A3’

Teams for teaching: Moving recordings into ReVIEW/Panopto

To ensure that recordings are available to students, and benefit from accessibility features, please move recordings made in Teams into ReVIEW/Panopto.

There is a Panopto app in Teams that, once setup, will automatically copy any recordings in Teams into a specified folder within ReVIEW/Panopto. If you would like support to setup the plugin, you can attend one of the dedicated workshops that will be running before the start of Semester 2. Details of the workshops will be advertised on the CAP - Teaching & Learning New Features channel.


For further information please see the Microsoft documentation.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the IT Service Desk.