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Group Workspace Downtime

10:08AM, 26 April 2016

In late 2015, IT Services initiated a project to address the University’s storage needs, improve performance of workspaces and provide capacity for future growth. The project consists of two key phases; firstly, a complete replacement of the existing storage infrastructure with the latest architecture available in the market today, and secondly the migration of virtual servers, group and individual filestore.


The first phase of works has been completed and the project is now moving into the second phase of works where the migrations will take place.

These migrations will elicit disruption and downtime to both students and staff accessing files and documents from workspaces and filestore during the changeover of services. To ensure this disruption is kept to a minimum, consultation with stakeholders (including School Operations Managers and the Academic Registry) across the institution has taken place to identify the least disruptive dates alongside the decision to conduct these changes overnight.


The planned dates for the migration of workspaces is as follows;

Disruptive Period: Thurs 12th May (approx. 18:00hrs) – Fri 13th May (approx. 10:00hrs)


Disruptive Period: Thurs 7th July (approx. 18:00hrs) – Fri 8th July (approx. 10:00hrs)


Disruptive Period: Thurs 14th July (approx. 18:00hrs) – Fri 15th July (approx. 10:00hrs)


We appreciate users may need to work on key tasks during this period and advise that anyone working locally applies due diligence and takes the necessary precautions over data security until the completion of these works.


For further information and advice on these works, please contact the IT Service Desk or on extension 222333.

(* WS & HS denominations represent parts of Network File Store as specified above.  This storage is sometimes referred to as Individual Workspace, U: drive or Group Workspace. The proposed disruption will affect this storage, including all folders and files found under the “Network Location” on your computer) 

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