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11:29AM, 1 December 2015

IT Services completed a successful deployment of the Microsoft Office 365 email platform to staff in Spring 2015. This transition has provided a sound foundation to consolidate and unify a number of existing IT systems which are becoming less effective, with a requirement to replace them with modern, fit for purpose Cloud office environment.

In November 2015, IT Services hosted an event inviting staff and students to a presentation and open discussion. The event outlined how IT Services propose to consolidate services to the Microsoft Office 365 platform – a supported platform for productivity and communication for both staff and students.

To provide a direct feedback opportunity, a series of meetings have been held with key stakeholders and the proposal has been presented at a number of committees.

Microsoft Office 365 has many benefits, these include:

·         Unlimited file store using Microsoft OneDrive;

·         Web based access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office from any device – reducing the need for filePort, VPN, USB sticks, Dropbox, duplication of files etc.;

·         Rich collaboration tools for both staff and student;

·         Easy access to free Microsoft software for student and for staff home use.

As this new platform is implemented, Google Apps for Education will be classified as a legacy service will be phased out in an appropriate timescale. The majority of UK HEIs are now providing Microsoft Office 365 series to their organisations.

For further information on strategy briefing paper and IT event presentation, please visit here.

If you would like to provide feedback or raise any questions relating to the above, please click here.

Following the close of the consultation period on Friday 11th December 2015, all feedback will be considered and a formal project proposal raised at the University wide IT Portfolio Board for consideration.


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