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Delayed and Undelivered email

9:07AM, 16 January 2018

Over the weekend there was an issue with email being delayed which you may have been notified about.  We have taken remedial action throughout the day and can now confirm that all queued emails have been flushed.

If you have received an ‘Undeliverable’ or 'Delivery failed' notice (this is different from 'Delivery is delayed') you may need to resend these messages or confirm delivery to the recipient.  In some cases, email will also have been delivered twice as the high availability mechanism of the email infrastructure attempted to safeguard email delivery. 

Due to this same mechanism some emails may have been delivered successfully whilst also returning an ‘Undeliverable’ or  'Delivery failed' notice.

We have isolated the defective email server and will be removing it from the email infrastructure in a controlled manner following due diligence and appropriate change management, starting Tuesday 16 Jan 2018.  We do not anticipate any further disruption.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will let you know when the issue has been fully resolved.


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