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Advice for using Cisco Jabber off campus

3:08PM, 25 March 2020

As many colleagues across the University are using Cisco Jabber from off campus for the first time, we wanted to share two commonly experienced scenarios and how to solve these issues.

Unable to log into Jabber from off campus without using the VPN.

This is typically because you have logged into Jabber using just your username, instead of your You can solve this by resetting the Jabber client and logging in again using

1. The first step to reset Jabber depends on the type of computer you are using:

2. Once signed out you, will be shown the login screen. Click on “Reset Configuration”.

3. Next, you will be taken to the Jabber login screen. Proceed by logging in by entering your Loughborough University username followed by “” and click on “Sign in”.

It appears like phone calls are being made, but you cannot hear or speak to anyone. 

This is typically because Jabber is set to control your office desk phone and not the computer you are working at. This setting is changed by using the small icon of a computer with a headset or telephone icon at the bottom of the Jabber window. This will allow you to set which device will be used for calls.

Can I get more information and help?

Further information is located in the Telephone and Cisco Jabber FAQ page. We will be updating the FAQs over the coming weeks as we see different support cases coming to the IT Service Desk.

If any colleagues are still having issues, then we recommend they contact the IT Service Desk by email at