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CASPA rollover for 2016/17

3:56PM, 4 August 2016


What’s new in CASPA for 2016/17?

You can now create CASPA assessments during the summer for the 2016/17 academic year but this will only be for modules already approved in LUSI.

You can now click links within CASPA from previous years’ assessments and navigate to the appropriate version of Learn to see details of the assessment.

I have 2015/16 assessments in CASPA already, what do I need to do now?

CASPA has been rolled over ready for the 2016/17 academic year.  All of the 2015/16 published and active CASPA assessments (i.e. those that have had submissions registered against them) have been recreated with the 16 module code and are now available as draft assessments for 2016/17.  You can now log into CASPA to check and edit if necessary, the new assessment’s details.  For example, you may want to check the deadline date is correct for 2016/17 as the roll over process has added one calendar year to all dates.  Once you are happy with the updated assessment you will be able to publish the details and it will be available to view by the students.  (Nb. In some departments only staff with ‘CASPA super user’ permissions can do this.) 

Will staggered assessments still be updated?

Yes.The same roll-over and associations will apply to staggered assessments.

What about assessments that have previously been linked with a ‘Learn assignment’ via the CASPA ID tag?

All Learn Assignments rolled over from Learn 2015 to the new version of Learn, that have a CASPA ID tag in the description of the assignment activity, have automatically been updated with the new CASPA ID tag to minimise the effort in updating.  However, both the CASPA assessment and the Learn Assignment will both be in draft and will both need submission dates checking for accuracy and approved (i.e. published) before they will be automatically linked.  The new tag should be a ‘16’ tag, and we have made every effort to update existing 15 tags, however if you find some existing 15 tags within your assessments on Learn, please remove them and relink them with the correct tag from CASPA.

What about assessments that have previously been linked with TurnItIn via the CASPA ID tag?

As all TurnItIn assignments need to be recreated each year manually, so too will the link to the new CASPA assessment. (For more information see the rollover announcement here  Log into CASPA and navigate to the new assessment, copy the ’16’ CASPA ID and paste it into your new TurnItIn assignment once created.

I’ve never used CASPA before, what do I need to do?

If you are new to CASPA please refer to the support information on getting started.

If I have any questions who shall I contact?

If you would like to set up CASPA for use in your department or have a general enquiry, please contact the Centre for Academic Practice

If you have a technical query, please email

If you can’t see a 2016 module in the list (that you are associated with), please contact your department or programme administrator. A list of these can be found here.