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11:30AM, 27 September 2018

Freshers week is upon us and we want to help staff and students in anyway we can. 

This week we are going to be at your hall registration days. On hand and ready to help you get all your devices connnected. P.S Watch out for our helpers in blue.

While, also drawing your attention to the IT Toolkit, this is now availble for both staff and students and is your own guide to using our services! With everything from printing on campus to connecting your PS4 and XBOX One. 

On top of this we are positioned across campus by the Accomodation centre and the Rutland Building.... and then Mon-Wed next week 10-4..... Look out for our big purple tents and our trusty helpers in blue!  

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Lets make sure everyone kicks off term the right way! Welcome to the Lboro Family ;)