Notice of changes to automatic mailing list

Changes to internal mailing lists

As part of a programme of improvements to the email service, changes are being applied to the display name format and the access to send emails to the following automated mailings lists:

  • Module & Programme  
  • Dept and School  
  • Hall 

Changes to accessing lists

As of Tuesday 18th April, the above-mentioned lists will be accessible in Outlook and Outlook online from the ‘Address book’ Global Address List (GAL). Users will no longer be required to Connect to the VPN when searching for lists. There will be no access to lists online via as this service will be retired. 

Changes to display name format

Changes to the list display name format will also be applied. This is to improve the search function to locate the required automated distribution groups in the Outlook address book. Examples of the changes are listed below.  

Module & Programme

As with the existing lists, students are unable to send to these automated distribution groups.

Old naming format  

New naming format    

Department and School

Dept and School mailing lists are being retired. Please use the existing department and school automated distribution groups which are readily available from the address book Global Address List, for example:

Retiring Dept lists format  

Automated distribution group in GAL  

Dept.Creative Arts.Staff  




For other student department groups, for example: acp, acr, acua, acub, acuc, acud, acui, acun and acutx will follow similar name conventions.

Retiring School lists format  

School automated distribution group in GAL  


The hall naming format will be unchanged and access to send to these automated distribution groups will continue to be maintained by the Hall Wardens but will now be available in the Global Address List.

Where can I get support and more information?

Further guidance and FAQ’s regarding the changes will be available on the IT Services website in the coming weeks.

Important: Jiscmail service - If you have created a Jiscmail list to replace an existing self-managed list, emailing to any of the above lists will not work, as mailing lists outside of the University are not permitted.

For additional options, please refer to the news article from October 2022 

If you have further questions or queries, please contact the service desk at