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5 point guide to getting your deposit back

7 April 2017

So you would like to get that large sum of money you handed over back!

Here's our 5 point guide how to do just that...

1. Dig out the inventory you completed when you moved in....no inventory? Ask the agent/landlord for one. If they don't have one, well they are the ones that have to prove the damage or disrepair so this will count against them and not you.

2. Clean your house really, really well! When we say clean we mean all the bathrooms (use a mold spray if you have black mould in the bathroom), the kitchen, (including the oven, the hob, the fridge, the doors of the cupboards and the floors, even the skirting boards) the hall, living room and of course your bedroom. It all needs to be spotless. Maybe you moved into a dirty house, evenso it is best to hand it back in a clean state so that the landlord has no case to make any deductions for cleaning. Take photos of your handy work for evidence should you need it.

3. Any furniture you moved into another room- move it back to it's original position. Any furniture you have broken, either repair it or accept you will have to pay for it (subject to your landlord producing a receipt to prove they did replace it).

4. Tidy the garden- you will need to trim back over-grown plants, and mow the lawn if you have one. All of the rubbish from the garden and the house must be put into the correct bin and left out for collection, OR you need to take the rubbish to the tip (which is near to the train station).

5. Read the meters and let the utility companies know you are leaving. You may need the final bills to show you have paid before the landlord will release your deposit.

Now, ask the landlord to come and inspect your beautifully clean and rubbish-free house. If they won't do this, take a few more photos and then hand back the keys. Email them to confirm you have done this and that the place was left in a very good state- request that your deposit is paid back to you in 10 working days.

It is best not to get into lengthy correspondence if you disagree with the deductions. Make a resonable effort to solve the issue and then let them know you will take the case to the tenancy deposit scheme to make a decision on. We have advisers here all summer to help you with any problems you may have.