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The University is strongly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and supports all groups of staff. A number of staff networks have been established by People and Organisational Development so that members can support each other, raise any concerns and influence the University’s People Strategy.

Please have a look at the information provided below on these staff networks and do get in touch with the named contacts if you would like to become a member of any of these Networks.

Staff Network Confidentiality

Membership of our Staff Networks is based on sensitive personal information.  Emails from the groups use our mailing list system which does not expose the identities of members to each other.  However, if you reply or send email to the network your name and email address will be visible to the other members.  If you choose to take part in the network in other ways, such as attending events in person or using social media, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

You should not disclose anybody’s membership of the group to others and should treat all information about individuals shared within the group as confidential.

Staff Age Group

Age Appreciation Group - For Every Age

The Age Appreciation Group is not currently active as there is no chairperson or active committee. If you are interested in becoming the chairperson and leading the group to regroup and reenergise, please contact Carolyn Kenney HR Partner and former chairperson to discuss.

The agreed Terms of Reference are:

  • To promote age diversity and challenge issues of age discrimination brought to the Group’s attention 
  • To influence development and implementation of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy  
  • To ensure that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues and opportunities, as they relate to age, remain high on the University’s strategic agenda 
  • To consult on EDI-related HR practice, including but not exclusively, recruitment and promotions strategy and ensure both direct and indirect age discrimination are challenged and eliminated  
  • To liaise with relevant groups to develop equalities trainings, including inclusion training for leadership teams, and best practices to be delivered and shared University wide 
  • To build relationships and work jointly with other staff groups on campaigns and initiatives where age diversity is a factor for success 

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Staff Network

Loughborough University is committed to achieving equality for all those who learn and work here, and wishes to develop a demonstrably fair and supportive environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin or religious belief.

(Race as defined under the Equality Act 2010 covers: race, ethnic origin, national origin, colour and nationality).

As part of this commitment Loughborough University is supporting the BAME Staff Network.

The remit for this network has been agreed.  Its main purpose is to raise awareness of race issues and to hold the University accountable to its stated commitment to challenge racism and discrimination. The Network will also provide a safe environment for black and ethnic minority staff to discuss issues concerning racial and cultural discrimination, and maintain a forum for positively raising the profile of black and ethnic minority cultures on campus.

BME Staff Network Strategy, Values and Purpose

For further information please contact:

Human Resources & Organisational Development, 

BAME Staff Network Website


Inclusivity Group

The Inclusivity Group - For those who have or are affected by physical or invisible disabilities.

This a huge opportunity for you to be involved in shaping the agenda for the future of disability inclusivity in the University’s EDI agenda.

What is The Staff Inclusivity Group?

The Staff Inclusivity Group is committed to achieving equality for all those who work across both campuses. We aim to ensure that the University demonstrates a fair and supportive environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination on the grounds of disability, including mental health difficulties and neurodivergent differences.

We are proud to support our diverse community and wish to encourage and celebrate its full contribution to a University life where all colleagues are treated equally and with respect.
The Inclusivity Group, meets regularly throughout the year as part of our commitment to the Equality Act 2010 and the University’s People Strategy.
The main purpose of the group is to raise awareness of both physical and invisible disabilities and to make comments and challenge the University practices and policies.

The group will also provide a forum for staff who have or are affected by physical or invisible disabilities, allowing them to raise issues and seek support.

Who can join?
Any member of staff who identifies as having or being affected by physical or invisible disabilities.

For further information please contact 

Emma Nadin – Chair of the Staff Inclusivity Group.



Part-time Staff Group


The purpose of the group is to provide an informal support network for people who currently work flexibly or on a part time basis, or who would like to do so in the future.

By sharing experiences the group will identify common problems and areas of good practice and will work with the equality and diversity function to improve the way that flexible and part time staff are managed within the University.


The group is open to anyone who works flexibly or on a part time contract, or who would like do this.

The Officers of the group shall be:

Chair elected by and from the Part Time Staff Group.

For further information, please contact

Pauline Matturi, People and Organisational Development Adviser 

LGBT+ Staff Network

Welcome to the Loughborough University LGBT+ Staff Network

The LGBT+ Staff Network encompasses all staff that identify as LGBT+ or who are allies*. The Network has monthly meetings that are open for all to attend at any time. Here, staff come together to highlight LGBT+-related issues on our campuses, organise events and campaigns for awareness and celebration, and to provide a space dedicated to ensuring that LGBT+ staff are represented, supported, valued and have a structure through which they can instigate change.

If you are an LGBT+ staff member or ally* at Loughborough University, you are most welcome to attend the events and/or monthly meetings or to send the chair an email about anything LGBT+-related. Whether you actively connect with the Network or not, the aim of the discussions and actions from our monthly meetings is to represent our LGBT+ staff across all areas of the university.

One of our cornerstones is trust and respect of confidentiality. All staff are to be treated with the highest level of respect for privacy, and we aim to support everyone no matter what stage they are in their own personal journey.

* An ally is someone that aligns with and supports a cause with another individual or group of people

A Supportive Community

For further information please visit the webpage or contact: 

LGBT+ Staff Network website

Chair of Network contact: Chris McLeod

Maia - Loughborough's Women's Network

Maia is the University’s women’s network. Maia unites women staff and Doctoral Researchers, including trans women and non-binary people comfortable in a female-centred community, across Schools, Professional Services and Loughborough Students’ Union. Gender equality is a human right. It is also a human fight, not a female fight, and so Maia welcomes engagement from all colleagues, regardless of gender.

The network’s name takes inspiration from the middle name of Claudia Sydney Maia Parsons, an alumna of the University who was the first woman to circumnavigate the globe in a car and whose achievements capture the drive and ambition of this group. In Roman and Maori history, Maia also means 'goddess of springtime, warmth and increase' and 'brave' or 'confident', respectively.

As a network, Maia seeks to make change happen across the University by providing an inclusive community and networking opportunities, creating meaningful, impactful events and initiatives, and delivering and advocating for change to progress gender equity at Loughborough. Collectively, these things allow us to accelerate the pace of change.

Whether you have never previously been part of a women’s network or have existing experience of how powerful they can be, there is a place for you in Maia. We hope you will join us.

For further information and details of how to register, please visit the webpage:

International Staff Group

International Staff Group

The aim of this group is to contribute to a fair and supportive environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom to international staff, as well as to everyone else within Loughborough University. Both academic and support staff are welcome.

 The group aims:

1) To be the voice of international staff at Loughborough University, in particular with respect to issues such as xenophobia and discrimination, immigration and visa, Brexit, support for families of international staff, etc.

2) To be a forum where we can discuss experiences and share advice about any matter of interest to international staff in a safe and protected environment and support new international staff members.

3) To liaise whenever necessary with other organizations and staff groups that share the group’s objectives, such as the University and College Union and the Black or Minority Ethnic Group (BME) staff group.

 The group is led by a Committee, with a chair and three committee members. The current chair is Roberta Bernabei ( At least one member of the committee has to be a EU/EEA national and at least one member of the committee has to be a non EU/EEA national.  The group meets usually every semster, more often if needed.  It also organises social events.]

If you want to join to group or receive further information, please contact:

Roberta Bernabei, Group Chair



Working Parents' Network

Loughborough University is committed to achieving equality for all those who learn and work here and wishes to develop a demonstrably fair and supportive environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination. We are proud of our diverse community and wish to encourage and celebrate its full contribution to a University life where all colleagues are treated equally and with respect.

As part of their commitment Loughborough University is supporting the working parent's network.


Is open to all members of staff who have parental responsibility (either current or previous).

For further information, please contact the Working Parents' Network Co-Chairs:

Abbie Loney and Ally McDonald Alonso 

Religion and Belief

Staff can use the facilities at the Centre for Faith and Spirituality based at Edward Herbert Building, first floor.

For further information please have a look at the webpage:

Armed Forces Network Group

Membership is open to all those who have served in the Armed Forces and their families.

Loughborough University is a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant and is committed to supporting the Armed Forces Community by recognising the value Serving Personnel (both Regular and Reservists), Veterans and military families contribute to the University and our country.  

We aim to provide an Armed Forces focus within the University and both regionally and nationally by:

  • Promoting Loughborough as an Armed Forces friendly University.
  • Supporting members of the Reserve Forces to fulfil their Service commitments.
  • Supporting the recruitment of veterans and their families into University employment through recognition of military skills and qualifications in recruitment processes and guaranteeing interviews for veterans who meet the criteria in job specifications.
  • Supporting the employment of Service spouses and partners.

Throughout the year we will support National Events, including:

  • Armistice Day and Remembrance activities.
  • Armed Forces and Reserves Days
  • Promote military events to staff and students.

The main purpose of the group is to provide a forum and support network for who have served in the Armed Forces and their family members. Details of the commitment the University has made to the Armed Forces in the Covenant can be found in the link below:

Armed Forces Commitment‌‌

For further information please contact the Chair of the Network: Graham Howard

Administrator contact