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Occupational Health is concerned with the relationships between health and work: 

  • effect of health on work - does your health make it difficult to do your job or particular aspects of your job?
  • effect of work on health - are there elements of your job which could put your health at risk?

Key elements of the Occupational Health service include:-

  • Health surveillance for statutory/ legislative reasons e.g. hearing tests for noise exposure
  • Health assessments for 'best practice' reasons e.g. fork lift truck drivers
  • Advising on safe use of computers and workstations ensuring appropriate advice is available
  • Supporting employees and managers with sickness absence issues
  • Managing confidential information and medical records
  • Stress management advice
  • Workplace visits and assessment
  • Advising on risks to pregnant workers
  • Advising on disability adjustments in line with the Equality Act 2010
  • Training on HR and Health & Safety topics for employees and managers
  • Providing assessment and clearance for NHS research passports
  • Bio-safety advice
  • Assessing "Fitness to Teach" for PGCE Teacher Trainees
  • Policy development and advice

Occupational Health is NOT able to respond to acute illness or injury, in this situation you should contact a First Aider, or in case of an emergency call 999 and inform the Security control room on 222141.

Occupational Health is NOT connected to the NHS Campus Medical Centre; please contact them on 01509 222062 for any primary care advice.

Please also be aware that Occupational Health is an operational role within the University Structure, NOT an academic position and therefore we cannot answer enquiries about any academic courses at Loughborough.