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Casual/Dashboard Staff Guidance Notes

These guidance notes do not cover University Teacher procedure: a separate document on the employment of University Teachers is available on the Human Resources website.

This document is a guide to employing casual staff. Deans of Schools/Directors of Service should ensure that all members of staff are aware of these procedures.

A contract is required for any employment over 8 weeks.

Certain visa holders are also restricted to what types and level of work they can accept – for more information, see the Immigration Checks section on this page or consult

IMPORTANT: Tier 4 students can only work to the restrictions stated on their BRP, for HE level students this is a maximum of 20 hours in a single week, and FE a maximum of 10 hours in a single week. i.e. Monday to Sunday, across all departments, including voluntary work.  Any breach of this limit will affect their right to study in the UK and the visa could be at risk and revoked by the Home Office. Further FAQs for Tier 4 workers can be found here.


Traditionally, staff have been employed on a casual basis to complete short-term pieces of work or projects, or to cover the absence of permanent staff. This document is designed to provide guidance on how to ensure that this legislation is adhered to when employing staff on a casual basis.

This document is for guidance only. If you have any questions or are unsure of what action to take, please contact your HR representative.