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Preparing for the future

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re already part way through, preparing and saving for your future post-career is important.

Pensions within the higher education sector are known to be generous, and here at Loughborough we contribute to that reputation with two well-established pension schemes.

USS (Universities Superannuation)

Employees grade 6 and above
  • This scheme is a career re-valued benefits (CRB) pension, where your final pension value is based on your salary for each year of your membership.
  • This type of scheme allows you to accrue a pension and a cash lump sum based upon a proportion of your salary.
  • Your contributions will be 9.8% of your salary.
  • We will pay in 21.6% of your salary.

Please note: From October 2016, a salary threshold was introduced for the scheme. If you earn more than the threshold, your payments and benefits on anything you earn above this will be paid into a defined contribution (DC) account.

For further information and terms and conditions for a DC account visit

LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme)

Employees grades 1-5
  • The LGPS is a nationwide scheme and the value is based on your average career earnings.
  • Every year your benefits build based on your pensionable pay for that year.
  • Your contribution rate is dependent on your earnings; including basic pay and overtime. Details of the current contribution band
  • We will pay in the balance of the cost of providing your benefits after taking into account investment returns.
  • As a general rule, this means that you will contribute approximately one third of the scheme’s costs and we will contribute the rest.
For further information on this scheme visit


We contractually enrol employees (except casual claims positions) into the relevant pension scheme from the first day of their contract.

If you do not want to be in the pension scheme, please contact your pension provider.