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Health and Safety Management at Loughborough University

At Loughborough University, the Health & Safety Management function reports into the University’s Health, Safety & Environment Committee.

Health and Safety Service

The Health & Safety Service provides advice and support to Schools and Professional Service Sections covering all aspects of occupational safety, fire, radiological protection, emergency procedures and insurance issues arising from incidents which are occupationally related.  

Occupational Health Services are provided by Human Resources, more information can be found on their website.


  • The Health and Safety service oversees regulatory compliance through audit and by liaison with regulatory bodies including HSE, Fire, Environment Agency and Home Office (for statuary returns on Chemical Weapons and Drug Precursors)
  • The Health and Safety Service provides advice to duty holders concerning the hazardous properties of waste and best practice in storage and handling
  • The health and safety office monitors arrangements for dealing with chemical  radiation biological incidents

‌Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Principles

• Each individual should be clearly aware of the risks they own.

• Those who own the risk are aware of their responsibilities for the assessment and management of that risk.

• Structures will also be put into place to ensure a good oversight of the most significant risks to the University and how they are being managed.

• Safety should be designed into projects and structures from their inception.

• Responsibilities will be clearly defined and individuals will be held accountable for the delivery of their responsibilities.

• The Health and Safety Service will provide advice, support and guidance, but the responsibility for the management of key risks lies with the owners of those risks.

• The Health and Safety Service will work flexibly as a team, drawing on the skills and competencies of the team members as appropriate.

• Clear and effective communication is part of the bedrock of excellent health and safety. Every effort with be made to enhance the effectiveness of communication.

• Excellence comes from colleagues who are happy and healthy. The Health and Safety Service will provide advice to support the development of employee well being, both mental and physical.

The vision for the University Health and Safety Service

Educating for Success - A future where excellent health and safety is achieved inspiring best practice by all.



Neil Budworth - Health, Safety and Risk Manager

Neil’s role is to provide high level support to assist the University and its staff in developing health, safety and risk policy and strategy, and then help to turn that strategy into reality through best practice.

He is responsible for the overall management of the Health, Safety and Risk function.

Hugh Weaver - Deputy Health and Safety Manager

Hugh has a proactive role to develop and expand the provision of health and safety services within the University. He is responsible for helping to ensure that the University meets all health, safety and environmental legislation. He also liaises regularly with managers, staff and external organisations to provide professional advice on health and safety. Hugh develops health and safety policies and procedures, monitors compliance with legislation.  He is also a part of the audit team, investigates workplace accidents, and provides information and training.

Bill O'Connell - Deputy Health and Safety Manager

This role is to provide professional H&S support services to the Facilities Development, Facilities Services and Campus Services organisations. 

Julie Turner - Strategic Scientific Development Officer and Radiative Waste Advisor

Julie's role is to ensure that all scientific/ engineering new builds and refurbishments are fully compliant, whilst strategically looking at resources (procurement, equipment and technical) within those areas. Julie leads on Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety across the University and manages the decommissioning team. Julie also acts as the University's Radioactive Waste Advisor and Biosafety Consultant.

Mick Commons - Facilities Management Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Michelle Cunningham - Training Co-ordinator

Michelle manages the Health and Safety training provision across the University and compliance training for the Facilities Services team.  Please contact Michelle directly regarding any queries you may have in respect of Health and Safety training for your School or Department.

Rebecca Ford - Laser Safety Support Administrator

Rebecca works part-time assisting the University Laser Safety Advisor, Professor John Tyrer, whilst also providing administrative support to the Health and Safety Service. Please contact Rebecca directly regarding all laser safety enquiries, for example, laser pointer testing.

Richard Gunn - Deputy Fire and Safety Officer

Rich provides support to the University fire officer, by testing, maintaining and repairing fire fighting equipment, checking and replacing fire signs and maintaining fire safety records. Rich Coordinates the weekly fire alarm test and trains staff on University fire alarm panels.  Rich assists with the the delivery of health and safety courses and the collates information regarding events on campus.

Rod Harrison - Fire Safety Officer

Rod provides professional support on matters relating to fire prevention in schools, professional support services and residential buildings at the University.  Rod provides expert technical and legal guidance on fire prevention, liaising with departments, support services and university tenants along with external bodies such as the Fire and Rescue Service.

Sam Chambers - Health and Safety Service Administrator

Provides administrative support to the Health and Safety Service.

Oliver Preedy - Health and Safety Advisor (Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety)

Oliver's role is to provide advice on matters of radiation, chemical and biological safety. He is responsible for the production of policy and guidance documents, training and audits; within these specialised areas.

Paul Walker - University Compliance Officer

Management of Statutory compliance across campus to provide support where required to all Schools and Professional services. Management of the contractors induction process. Duty Authorised Person for Asbestos managing the Asbestos Register and ensuring all work is carried out to current legislation.

Joan Sutherland - Radiation Decomissioning Officer

Joan is responsible for the day to day running of the decommissioning project, within radiochemistry. She also assists with biological and radiation safety across the University campus.

James Holt - Radiation Decomissioning Officer

James is responsible for the day to day running of the decommissioning project, within radiochemistry. He also assists with chemical and radiation safety across the University campus.



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