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Usage terms and conditions

All ID cards remain the property of Loughborough University.

ID cards are not transferable and must not be lent to others. Impersonation of another student by use of his/her identity card, including gaining access to University or Student Union property by the use of such a card, is in breach of Ordinance XVII.

If a member of staff leaves the University, (s)he must return the card to Creative and Print Services in Herbert Manzoni building.

Students and staff must be in possession of a valid ID card for the duration of their study / employment.

To assist with security and as a deterrent to crime, University Council requires all employees to display a staff ID card on University campus (unless an approved Health and Safety requirement dictates otherwise).

Students are required to carry their ID card with them at all times.

Failure, upon request, to disclose name and other relevant details, or to produce a University identity card to an officer or employee of the University or the Student Union when it is reasonable to require that such information be given and the officer or employee has identified themselves to the student is also in breach of Ordinance XVII.

The University routinely collects data on swipe access to buildings and this may be used for security or disciplinary purposes. Data will only be obtained from the software with approval from one of the following:

All data requests will be reported to the Chief Operating Officer biannually.

The University routinely includes the photo as part of your electronic student record. This means that the image will be visible, on a need-to-know basis only, to members of staff using the University internal network.

Under the Data Protection Act (1998) you have the right to object to the use of data if you can show that it might cause you damage or distress.

The University's Data Protection Officer should be contacted for any data protection enquiries and can be emailed at dp@lboro.ac.uk. Further details on the University Data Protection Policy can be seen at Data Protection.

Lost cards must be reported to Creative and Print Services in Herbert Manzoni building as soon as possible as you may be liable for any use of the card until it is reported missing. Out of hours lost cards can be reported lost to Security.

Stolen cards must be reported to Security immediately as you may be liable for any use of the card until it is reported missing.

Until a card is reported lost or stolen any use of the funds on the card will be deemed spent. Cards can also be registered as lost or stolen for the purpose of on card funds via https://cash-plus.lboro.ac.uk/session/login but must still be reported to prevent any use of the card for access.

Photograph Policy

The University’s photo policy is in accordance with UK passport photo rules, which requires that photographs provided should be:

Please note unsuitable photographs will not be accepted. Photographs guidelines



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