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Tuition fees

We recognise that tuition fees are of significant value and that many of our students will not previously have been required to deal with such high value transactions. However, it is the responsibility of all students to ensure they have the means and capability to pay tuition fees by the due dates. Any student who has not paid an account for tuition fees will not receive the certificate for any degree, diploma or other qualification awarded by the University until such debts have been cleared. In addition the student may be suspended from a programme of study, have their account sent to an external debt collection company and will not be able to re-register as a student for the following year.

The University offers several different methods of payment and the preferred method is the secure online facility to pay by debit or credit card.

On occasions factors beyond the control of a student may change their financial circumstances and the University recognises that additional advice or support may be required. It is imperative that the student contacts the Student Advice and Support Service on 01509 222058 or email should any such event arise. There is also a recognition that if a student has significant outstanding debts with little prospect of them being able to pay it would probably not be in their best interest to allow them to continue and build up an even larger debt.

If a student has sponsorship support for funding but that funding is removed then the responsibility for the debt remains with the student. Additionally, if a sponsor does not make payment then the student will be held personally responsible.

Regular statements are sent to a students Loughborough email account and outstanding balances are also shown on the student LUSI record.