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Accommodation fees

Accommodation fees and licence conditions details can be found at Halls Fees Guide and Campus Living website Fees are charged at the start of each academic term and are payable no later than the following dates: 16th November 2018, 25th January 2019 and 17th May 2019. In addition a deposit is payable before occupancy of the accommodation.

Students who have accepted a place in the University’s Halls of Residence must pay a room deposit before a tenancy agreement can be processed and the application accepted. At the end of the contract date, and after vacating the room, it will be checked by the accommodation service. If the terms of the agreement have been adhered to the room deposit will normally be refunded approximately six weeks after departure. If there are deductions required then the net amount will be refunded (note that refund values of £10 or less will not be returned). In order to facilitate refunds it is requested that students have a valid UK bank account and the account details are entered as part of the student records in LUSI. This bank account should remain open until all refunds have been processed and any rejected refunds will be the responsibility of the student.