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KTP step-by-step guide

This step-by-step guide explains how we can help you to launch your KTP.

I am working with an organisation and we have an idea for a KTP project – what should I do?

Please arrange a meeting with a member of the Partnership Development Team.

We will talk you through the KTP scheme and application process, and discuss the viability of your project idea.

STEP TWO – Project scoping
I would like to apply – what’s the first step?

The application process for a classic KTP project comprises two stages:

  • initial scoping discussions and completion of informal fact-find form
  • a full proposal completed and submitted online.

There are submission deadlines approximately every two months throughout the year.

Fact-find forms are not submitted - they act as a discussion document for the meeting with the Regional Advsior. 

The fact-find form outlines:

  • the issues to be addressed
  • how the project will address them
  • the benefits to the University and company.

Please note: your partner organisation must also provide a copy of their audited accounts for the last two years.

STEP THREE – Meet your Regional Advisor
We have completed a draft of the fact-find – what next?

Each KTP is allocated a Regional Advisor – based on the location of the organisation – by Innovate UK for the life of the project.

Before starting the full application, you and your partner will meet with your Advisor to discuss the project.

Providing the Advisor is happy with the proposed project, we will begin work on the full proposal.

STEP FOUR – Full proposal
Our advisor is happy with the proposed KTP – what now?

We will help you and your partner organisation to put together the full project proposal which is completed and submitted online.

This comprehensive document must clearly outline the project work-plan and business case as well as key outputs and deliverables.

STEP FIVE – Costings
How can I work out how much funding I am able to apply for?

We will work with you to complete the costings for your project.

Projects typically cost around 85,000-£100,000 per year.

Please note: SMEs receive a grant rate of 67%, and large organisations, 50%.

STEP SIX – Submit
How do I submit my completed application?

We are responsible for submitting your completed proposal.

STEP SEVEN – Submitted
We have submitted our full proposal – what happens next?

Your proposal will be reviewed by Innovate UK.

You will receive notification of success between 8 to 12 weeks. 

The success rate for applications is around the 80% mark.

If your KTP is given the green light, we will support you with contracts, recruitment and on-going project administration.