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Image showing the thermal properties of elite performance sportswear

Environmental ergonomics experts undertake consultancies with a range of organisations to test and develop specialist clothing


Consultancy enables you to use your expertise to work with an outside organisation for an agreed commercial fee.

External clients include major blue chip organisations, government and health departments, and SMEs or individuals – based both locally and nationally.

Consultancy can be an excellent way to build trust with an external partner, perhaps leading to long-term collaborations.

The Enterprise Office Consultancy Team will take care of the project management and administration, and make sure you have the right insurance to undertake the work and protect your intellectual property.

If you are thinking of undertaking new consultancy, your first point of contact should always be your Associate Dean for Enterprise and your Enterprise Buddy, your School's Partnership Development Manager. Their contact details are published on our Meet the Team page, and the Enterprise Calendar gives details of Enterprise Clinics in your school.