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Doctoral Researcher Wellbeing Week

Loughborough University’s first Doctoral Researcher Wellbeing Week will take place 2nd-7th March 2020 to coincide with national University Mental Health Day on 5th March #LboroDRWellbeing

What is the Wellbeing Week all about?

Aimed at doctoral researchers and those on the frontline of doctoral researcher support, this vibrant and comprehensive event that has been funded by a prestigious Vice Chancellor's Award of Excellence will contain a diverse range of developmental workshops and activities to provide practical ways of enhancing doctoral wellbeing.

At Loughborough we recognise and value the vast contributions that doctoral researchers make to the institution and beyond. To enable our doctoral researchers to achieve their full potential, we need to take a proactive and reactive approach to support and enhance doctoral wellbeing.

The Doctoral Researcher Wellbeing Week is a huge collaborative effort with input from numerous teams from across the University as well as external organisations. We hope the week will increase awareness of various support services available and that it will equip our doctoral researchers with information and an extensive array of skills that they can apply throughout their doctorates.

The session topics are aligned to Loughborough University’s definition of wellbeing and were selected in direct response to doctoral researcher feedback and evidence from a growing body of literature.The week commencing 2nd March 2020 was chosen to deliberately coincide with national University Mental Health Awareness Day 2020

Please note that there are limited spaces per session due to room capacity and that some sessions will be lecture captured for the benefit of those unable to attend in person. Also, some sessions will run in parallel/part parallel; explore these webpages and consult the timetable to decide what to book.

Sessions for Doctoral Researchers

Sessions for staff supporting Doctoral Researchers