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Wellbeing Fortnight 2021

7th March

LU Arts: Tension release breath workshop

Brian Morrison

(Online, Microsoft Teams)

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In this immersive experience, artist and certified breathwork instructor Brian J Morrison, will guide you through a deep breathing session that will alter your physical, emotional and mental state. Set to a specifically curated music, this session will take you on a journey of self discovery. You will learn how deep conscious breathing can enable the release of stress and anxiety that accumulates in the body. This practice will give you access to a deep state of rest, relaxation and recovery. 

Please try to allow 60mins for yourself undisturbed with room to lie or sit down. Headphones will add to the experience but not a necessity and a blanket near by can be nice. Also try to avoid food directly before the session either an empty stomach or 2hrs after food is recommended.

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Brian Morrison