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Wellbeing Fortnight 2021

8th March

Guided Visualisations for Relaxation

Brigette Hazell - Student Services (Counselling & Disability Service)

(Online, Microsoft Teams)
12:30 - 13:30

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We can become very caught up in rushing from place to place, our heads full of jobs to be done and people to talk to. Sometimes, we just need a chance to switch-off and calm our busy minds. During this session we will use guided visualisation, a well-established relaxation technique, to step out of the hurly burly of the day to day, unwind and recharge.

Presenter biography:

For many years, Bridget Hazell has worked as a counsellor in Higher Education and has supported many students and staff at all levels at Loughborough University and beyond. Recognising that the challenges differ amongst different populations, Bridget is particularly interested in the pressures faced by doctoral researchers and academic staff.

Sleep and sleeplessness

Professor (emeritus) Jim Horne - School of Sport Exercise and Health Sciences

(Online, Zoom)

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Sleep is ‘by the brain for the brain’ and the session begins with a general overview of sleep and why we sleep.

As will be seen, our society’s level of ‘sleeplessness’, is no worse today than it ever was, and claims that adults need around 8h daily sleep are misleading, as are assertions that any such ‘sleep debt’ leads to eg obesity and related disorders.

Nevertheless, all this further adds to the worries for those with insomnia, for whom there is research based practical advice about improving sleep. Feeling ‘tired’ is not necessarily the same as sleepiness.

During this the session, an outline of other common sleep disorders will be given and attendees will be encouraged to discuss these topics. 

Presenter biography:

Prof (emeritus) Jim Horne DSc FRSB FBPsS - Until retirement I ran the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, with the Centre well known internationally for its research. My work has been and continues to be published extensively in the scientific and medical literature (eg go to PUBMED – use ‘Horne J AND sleep’ for search), and is often cited by the media. I was the Editor of the Journal of Sleep Research for 15y. I still maintain various ongoing collaborative projects with other universities and organisations, and I am presently Hon. Sec. of the Sleep Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. My main sleep interests are: ‘why we sleep’; sleep loss effects on body and brain, critically appraising ‘sleep debt’, and practical issues, particularly ‘falling asleep at the wheel’ for which we have undertaken much research. I have another, recent book “Sleeplessness’ (Palgrave Macmillan – available in printed, electronic and audio formats !). 

LSU Presents: Expanding your wellbeing support arsenal

Ana-Maria Bliciu (Education Executive Officer - LSU), Alex Marlow (Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer - LSU) & Nathan Ritchie (Doctoral Researcher Co-President)

(Online, Microsoft Teams)

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Wellbeing is of central importance to the Doctoral Researcher (DR) community at Loughborough University. Many DRs are currently unaware of the offering available at Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) regarding wellbeing support. This event will address this, by showcasing some of the excellent work done by LSU with a focus on the Welfare and Diversity aspect of their operations. Through an understanding of ‘what is on offer’ at LSU in terms of wellbeing support, DRs will have further options when seeking wellbeing support and advice.

The aim of this event is to inform DRs of the wellbeing support infrastructures, the key personnel involved, and how DRs can get involved in LSU. The event features ‘in-person’ talks from LSU Executive Officers Alex Marlowe (Welfare and Diversity) and Ana-Maria Bilciu (Education) and DR senior representatives, Nathan Ritchie (Co-President) and Hannah Smith (W&D Postgraduate Officer). There will also be a video presentation from various members of the Welfare and Diversity Committee including the mental health association, HeadsUp and the anonymous, confidential, out-of-hours student service, Nightline.

Attendees will leave the session knowing more about what is available to them for mental health support at LSU in addition to the University’s services. A hopeful outcome is that more DRs are encouraged to access LSU wellbeing services, such as Nightline, if they need that support. DRs will also get a sense of how they can personally get involved and add to the already-established DR presence within LSU’s Welfare & Diversity Section.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Inform DRs of what is available to them at LSU regarding wellbeing support.
  • Encourage DR participation in the Welfare & Diversity Section, bringing their own wealth of experience and expertise to benefit the entire student community.
  • Strengthen ties between LSU and the DR community.

Presenter biographies:

Ana-Marie Bliciu - Succinctly (and rather formal), I am the designated student representative on all academic matters. I liaise with students and staff to ensure feedback is championed, and that the student voice and academic interests are put at the heart of any decision made. What does that mean, really? It's simple - whether you've got something to say about your course, research, teaching, your learning community or anything in between, tell my volunteers about it or drop me a line! I can approach the right people at the University to answer your question and enhance your academic experience. We don't know what the problems are until you tell us, so let us know so we can try to resolve them. The teams I work alongside operate at both campuses, Loughborough and London, so make sure you come and say hi to us!  

Alex Marlow - As the Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer, I oversee the work of the 9 associations that make up Welfare and Diversity. No matter where you are in your university or college journey, Welfare and Diversity is here to support you and ensure you feel part of the Loughborough family. There are so many different opportunities in the Section you will always be able to find something you are passionate about! Oh and another thing, I’m also LSU’s lead on mental health, wellbeing, inclusivity and any other related topic or issue affecting students. Because of this, Welfare and Diversity is always here for you at Loughborough, even if you don’t know it.  

Nathan Ritchie