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Supervisor Forums

Each Supervisor Forum is an opportunity to come along and discuss particular aspects of doctoral supervision with colleagues from across the University. 

The programme for 2018-19 will be finalised shortly and listed here.

Past Events:

Supervising in a Team

26th January 2018, 12pm-1.30pm, Training Room, Graduate House

All PhD supervisions require as a minimum two supervisors, and many involve co-supervisors from other Schools or departments, external HEIs, industry or other third parties.  For a Doctoral Researcher, this can make managing the supervisory team as much of a job as undertaking their research, and can be fraught with difficulties. In this session, we will explore the role of principal and second supervisors, the impact that team dynamics can have on a PhD student and their progress and how to overcome some of the challenges that team supervision poses.

Understanding the Expectations surrounding the Supervisory Relationship

3rd May 2018, 12pm-1.30pm, Training Room, Graduate House

In a supervisory relationship there are many expectations, from the supervisory team, the doctoral researcher, the University and School, and the Students’ Union; in addition to external bodies such as the QAA.  When expectations mis-align, problems can arise that may impede a student’s progress, cause a breakdown in the supervisory relationship or lead to a student withdrawing from their doctorate.  This session will explore the responsibilities on all sides to ensure successful progress and completion for the student and what reasonable expectations there are upon supervisors. 

Effective Recruitment of Doctoral Researchers

17th May 2018, 12pm-1.30pm, Training Room, Graduate House

The recruitment process is vital to successful doctoral study to ensure that supervisors have high quality doctoral candidates with the aptitude and appetite for doctoral study.  Currently up to 10% of doctoral researchers start but fail to complete their doctorate, which wastes time, effort and resources.  This session will outline best practice in recruitment with hints and tips for effective advertising, the selection process, and converting offers into registered students.  It will de-mystify the studentship funding cycle and signpost external funding opportunities, as well as highlighting mechanisms to boost the proportion of high quality, externally-funded doctoral researchers, which is crucial to advancing our research endeavour.

Essentials of Effective Doctoral Supervision

20th June 2018, 12pm-1.30pm, Training Room, Graduate House

For many doctoral researchers (and their supervisors) the doctorate can be fraught with difficulty and contain numerous barriers to making effective progress.  This session will explore some of the common issues that a student may encounter in their doctoral study, using survey data and case study examples of common issues.  It will discuss how supervisors can support successful completion in light of some of these issues, highlight the support the University is able to offer, and present strategies that some of our most effective supervisors have adopted for ensuring success.