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2016 EMUA Student Conference

"Inspiring Futures"

On 1st September the Doctoral College hosted the East Midlands University Association’s annual conference. It was a terrific event with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that offered a great opportunity for postgraduate research (PGR) students from around the East Midlands to work, meet and network with each other. In total, 140 delegates attended and there was certainly a buzz at the venue and on Twitter (#EMUA16).

The theme for the 2016 EMUA conference was “Inspiring Futures” and we learnt about how the research of selected PGRs could inspire a better future, whether it was for the world, for their research field, or just for themselves! We thoroughly enjoyed hearing from a diverse range of disciplines and approaches.

At the start of the conference, Loughborough’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Robert Allison, welcomed all attendees and provided an energetic keynote address. He highlighted how important Doctoral researchers are to universities and beyond and shared his own experiences of being a student and Supervisor.  

During the conference, a large number of Doctoral researchers showcased high quality research from a wide range of areas. Overall, 18 delivered oral presentations, over 35 displayed conference posters, and two plenary speakers gave fascinating talks on ‘Building an academic career: PhD and beyond’ (Dr Alister Smith, Loughborough University) and ‘Inspiring futures through the power of research and poetry’ (Sophie-Louise Hyde, PGR, Loughborough University). The abstracts and biographies of presenters can be found in our conference booklet (to be uploaded in due course).

Throughout the day, delegates had the opportunity to vote for their favourite presentations and we are delighted to announce that the winners were as follows (well-done to all!):

Oral presentation winners:

  • Session A: Culture and Communication - Djamel Eddine Benchaib, University of Northampton, ‘Using Facebook and LinkedIn to explore language change’
  • Session B: Health and Wellbeing – Beth Jones, Loughborough University, 'Being transgender and levels of physical activity: an explorative qualitative study'
  • Session C: Environment and Infrastructure – Avinoam Baruch, Loughborough University, ‘Inspiring citizen scientists to contribute to flood risk management research’
  • Session D: Business and Law – Cathy Brown, Nottingham Trent University, ‘Business leaders: career capital and role transitions’
  • Session E: Science and Technology – Sarah Hampson, Loughborough University, ‘3D printing: does size matter?’
  • Session F: Learning and Development – Josephine Odjidja, University of Nottingham, ‘The emergence of private higher education (PHE) in Ghana – an assessment of quality assurance mechanisms in private universities’

Poster presentation competition:

  • Winner: Suchanuch Sachdev, Loughborough University, ‘Using emulsion droplets as reactors for assembling nanoparticles’
  • Runner-up: Damilola Oyewole, Nottingham Trent University, ‘The role of culture and health beliefs on diabetes self-management among Black African community in the UK’

Another exciting (and tense!) competition at the EMUA conference was the Three Minute Thesis competition. All 12 speakers delivered high quality presentations and did superbly well to explain their research succinctly. Also, no one went over the three minute time limit!

  • First place: Usmaan Siddiqui, University of Nottingham, ‘To save, or not to save, yet still be blamed: Should there be criminal liability for failure to rescue?’
  • Second place: Alexandra Davis, De Montfort University, ‘Kiss of death?’
  • Delegates choice: Faraz Khan, University of Nottingham, ‘ Uderutilized crop for food security; bambara groundnut’

At the end of the conference Professor Andrew Dainty, Director of Loughborough University’s Doctoral College, gave the closing address. He reflected on the success of event and shared how impressed he was with the amount of high quality of research conducted across the East Midlands. Professor Dainty thanked everyone for attending and gave special appreciation to all contributors, particularly the presenters and Loughborough's Doctoral College team for organising the event.