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Doctoral College Launch!

The morning of the 22nd June 2017 marked a momentous occasion in the University calendar. Not only was it the Annual Summer Showcase for all Loughborough University and Loughborough University London Doctoral Researchers, but it was also the official launch of the Loughborough Doctoral College! #LboroDCShowcase

A staggering number of people joined in the celebrations and attendees from a range of Schools/Departments and Professional Services fully embraced the opportunity to network with one another whilst learning more about doctoral research conducted at the University. 

At the start of the Summer Showcase, the Director of the Doctoral College, Professor Andrew Dainty, took to the stage and extended a warm welcome to everyone in attendance. Then the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research, Professor Steve Rothberg, spoke about the University’s new Research Strategy, CALIBRE, and in particular, the crucial contribution Doctoral Researchers make towards it.

Just before the official launch of the Loughborough Doctoral College, Professor Dainty took to the stage again, this time to bid a fond farewell to the Graduate School and to share some of the impressive achievements from the last year, such as:

  • 250 funded studentships and 289 PhDs and EngDs graduated
  • £4.9m Doctoral Training Partnership grant
  • 85 different countries represented by the PGR population
  • 562 responses (47%) to Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 2017
  • 174 researcher development workshops delivered at Loughborough University
  • 25 research development workshops delivered at Loughborough University London
  • 200+ attended the East Midlands University Association Conference
  • 200+ attended our ‘Influence & Impact’ Research Conference
  • Won ‘Academic Event of the Year Award’ at the Loughborough Academic Awards
  • 16 Higher Education Institutions requested our Doctoral Well-Being and Support Survey
  • Graduate School Team delivered at 6 conference presentations (At Vitae, UK Council for Graduate Education, and Higher Education Academy)
  • Creation of 1 Loughborough Doctoral College!

Afterwards, Professor Dainty explained the significance of becoming a Doctoral College, including its role in achieving the “Educating for success” theme of the University’s Research Strategy CALIBRE.

Then the big moment arrived…the launch of the Loughborough Doctoral College!

With the Postgraduate Research Programme President, Soloman Osei, holding the ceremonial ribbon at one end and LSU's Postgraduate Executive Officer, George Hones, holding the ceremonial ribbon at the other, the 10 second countdown clock was activated...










Immediately after the countdown clock hit “0” there was a huge cheer and applause as Professor Rothberg cut the ribbon to indicate that the Loughborough Doctoral College was officially open for business! It was immensely exciting!

After the launch, Professor Dainty paid thanks and acknowledgement to all those involved in the creation of the Loughborough Doctoral College:

  • Doctoral College Team
  • Registry team - Jennifer Nutkins and Brigette Vale
  • The Marketing and Advancement team - Hayley Sleigh, Esther Bexon and Angela Truby
  • The Web team - Rachel MacKenzie and Martin Ashby
  • The Change team - Steve Widdowson, Meg Stafford and Sarah Waterfield
  • The Programme President Team and LSU Postgraduate Executive Officer - Solomon Osei, Laurence Coles and George Hones
  • Academics and Postgraduate Research Administrators across the University

Then it was time to announce the start of the poster competition. In total 102 posters were displayed (the largest poster competition we have ever had!) and over 53 members of academic and professional service staff came to judge! There’s was certainly a real buzz of activity in the exhibition area!

Following the poster competition was the eagarly awaited Three Minute Thesis Final; a tense and energetic competition whereby Doctoral Researchers were required to explain their research succinctly to a non-specialist audience, in just three minutes, using one static slide! All seven competitors, as listed below, did exceptionally well and managed to keep within the time limit!

  • Katie Spalding - School of Science - "Growing trees at infinity"
  • Elizabeth Cheeseman - Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering - "Manufacturing blood platelets"
  • Avinoam Baruch - School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences - "How can citizen science help reduce the risk of flooding?"
  • Rosamund Chester Buxton - School of Business and Economics - "Do public service organisations in the UK deliver value?"
  • Roel Tersteeg - School of Civil Building Engineering - "Ill from insultating?"
  • Stephen Murphy - School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences - "NOT running on empty"
  • Jo Eaves - School of Science - "Shortcut to mathematics"
  • Roman Bumberger - Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering - "Preventing false whiplash claims"
  • Sarah Hampson - School of Science - "posting a doctor to your doorstep"

The final event of the Summer Showcase saw the five Research Beacon Leaders from the University’s Research Stategy, CALIBRE, take it in turns to explain the breadth of research activity that they coordinate and how Doctoral Researchers can get involved. To keep things fair we thought it only right to set a three minute time limit for them too - although not all managed to keep to it!...

To conclude the Summer Showcase, Professor Dainty thanked everyone for their contributions and led the prize ceremony - details of which are provided below - well done to all!

The Research Student Prizes

The Research Student Prizes are awarded each year to full-time or part-time Doctoral Researchers who have progressed beyond the first year of their research student registration, for outstanding academic performance and academic achievement. This year 24 nominations were made and the panel noted that all were exceptional.

Winners - £200 each

  • Matthew Tranter - School of Science

"Matthew evidences an outstanding record of publication including papers in two leading peer-reviewed journals. He has a burgeoning international profile having presenting at leading international conferences and symposia and has developed a global collaborative network. Matther contributes significantly to the Athena SWAN initative, as well as enhancing doctoral researcher life within his School"

  •  Omid Arjmandi Tash - School of Aeronautical and Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering 

"Omid has an outstanding record of publications from his doctoral studies. His nomination evidenced a strong connection with industry, including a secondment to Proctor & Gamble in the USA. Omid has presented work internationally, and at leading conferences and symposia across Europe"

Highly Commended - £20 Amazon voucher

  • Paul Brack - School of Science 
  • Andrew McInnes - School of Science 
  • Paul Morgan - School of Sport, Exercise and Health Science
  • Rounaq Sanjay Nayak - Loughborough Design School

Poster Competition 

  • Winner - Diana Mehta - School of Science - "Decarbonisation of the Energy System" (£100)
  • Runner-up - James Smith - School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences - "YOU DIRTY SLAB!!! Bream (Abramis brama), a fish with a dirty mind" (£75)
  • Highly Commended - Alexander Kunze - Loughborough Design School - "Enhancing the Situation Awareness of Human Operators Through the Dynamic Communication of System Reliability" (£50)
  • Delegates Choise - Diana Mehta - School of Science (£25)

Three Minute Thesis Final 

  • Winner - Jo Eaves - School of Science (Ipad Mini)

  • Runner-up  - Avinoam Baruch - School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences (£75) and Sarah Hampson - School of Science (£75)

  • People's Choice - Jo Eaves (£50)

We hope that everyone who attended the Annual Summer Showcase and Doctoral College Launch had a great time and we hope to see you at many more Doctoral College events in the very near future! 

SAVE THE DATE: Our Summer Showcase 2018 will be on 6th June!!