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Advanced Research Methods Institute (ARMI)

The Advanced Research Methods Institute is an interdisciplinary initiative to develop and promote innovations in social research methods.

Co-directed by Professors Paul Drew and David Deacon, and affiliated with Loughborough University’s Doctoral College, ARMI aims to address the challenges in conducting relevant, impactful research in the 21st century, requiring more flexible approaches to methodologies. Research in many areas will be enhanced by bridging disciplinary boundaries, by combining methodologies/methods in novel ways, by integrating qualitative with quantitative approaches, and developing new methodological tools to address contemporary issues. In short, we need to be innovative in developing and bringing together research methods to address ‘real world’ issues.

As part of this mission, and in conjunction with the Doctoral College, ARMI is promoting methods workshops that we hope will be relevant to doctoral researchers, research staff and other (e.g. faculty) researchers, engaged in research that has a social dimension of some kind. Participation in these workshops will provide hands-on experience in cutting-edge methods; and that participants will have the opportunity to meet others with whom they have common research interests, out of which networks and research collaborations might develop.

Conversation Analysis in Healthcare Interactions

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th December 2017

This workshop will provide an overview of the application of conversation analysis (CA) to medical and clinical interactions, in-depth information about CA’s methodology and the results of CA research, and how CA’s largely qualitative approach is now being integrated with coding and quantitative methods.

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Feminist Methodologies

Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st March 2018

Feminist Methodologies introduces current innovative feminist methodological work from across the arts, humanities, and the social sciences. Six speakers from different disciplines and methodological approaches will present their work in a mixture of workshops and research seminars.

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