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16 Oct 2020

Why is Data Modelling Crucial? Professor Songchun Moon

Why is Data Modelling Crucial? 10-11.30am, Friday 30th October 2020

Professor Songchun Moon, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Institute of Advanced Studies Residential Fellow October 2020

Why is Data Modelling Crucial?
Have you ever thought about construction of a 100-meter-tall building being commenced without its blueprint? It is impossible in the real world but in cyber world it happens all the time in the development of information systems, as design of data, i.e., blueprint or data modelling, almost by default goes in parallel with implementation of algorithms, i.e., coding, either intentionally or completely out of awareness. The consequences of this misconduct is enormous in terms of overheads brought in during inevitable later revisions to ISs. In this talk, the main cause of this misconduct will be investigated, and the seriousness of the damage accrued from the misconduct will be dealt with. Moreover, an efficient way to prevent such disaster will be discussed with the notion of ‘data obesity’.

Professor Songchun Moon is a professor in computer science and business management and is the Director of EUROMICRO, (the European Society of Information Technology). His area of expertise is in distributed data processing and management such as Blockchain, enterprise data architecture and corporate data modelling. He also has interests in cyber security and privacy. He is one of the founders in naming ‘CLOUD’ (CLass/Object/Ubiquitous/Distributed) in the days of paradigm of distributed computing.

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