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8 Mar 2019

Structured Health Intervention for Truckers


We are looking for committed students that can work with us doing data collection with our industry partner DHL. We run medical assessments for lorry drivers at 25 DHL sites. We provide full training in a series of medical skills (finger prick testing, body composition, blood pressure, assessment of physiological reactivity under stress…), students will always work in groups and we provide with a car if needed. Students do not have to have a health sciences background (although this is preferable), as we will support them in their learning.

What will the training require?

PhD students will have to complete 8 hours of training including a shadowing session on site. This will involve one session where we talk you through the assessments and the philosophy of the study, another session where you get the chance to practice all the tests at NCESM and a last session where you will go with a trained researcher and shadow a data collection day. Once you are fully trained, you will be supervised for the first 5 health assessments you complete and then you will become part of our experienced team.

When do I need to do data collection?

SHIFT is an ongoing project that will last for the next two years. We work in synchrony with the transport sector timetable, which means that the medical health assessments are done on site at the start of the drivers shift. Therefore, many of our data collection days happen through the night.

All the 25 DHL sites taking part in SHIFT are within two hours from Loughborough, but you will never be driving alone, as we work in teams.

Although it could vary from site to site, the transport sector tends to plan their drivers’ shifts at short notice. We will do our best to let you know in advance, but our rotas are organised with three weeks’ notice maximum.  It is important that our team is flexible with their time.

How much am I going to get paid?

Before you start getting paid, you will have to complete the training and the 5 observed sessions. Once this is done, you will be paid £14.43 (grade 5 spinal point 20) per hour of data collection. If data collection is through the night, you will get one-hour compensation. Mileage will always be paid for and if the site is over one hour away, you will get one hour compensation for travelling time.

What will I get from working at SHIFT?

You will get real-world research experience and we will provide you with a certificate to justify your training and hours of research. You will get clinical research training that will strengthen your CV and you will be part of a large study that is working its way through to become a case study at Loughborough University.

Click here for more information on the study: https://www.journalslibrary.nihr.ac.uk/programmes/phr/1519042/#/summary-of-research

For more information about working with us and payment please contact Dr Veronica Varela Mato on v.varela-mato@lboro.ac.uk