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10 Apr 2018

Santander Student Impact Fund has launched!

Students across the UK increasingly want to take an active role in addressing the challenges and issues they see in the world around them.  There also increasingly want to make the most out of their time at university, be it through working with a student society, leading a sports team or developing a community based project.  As a leading supporter of higher education both in the UK and globally, we want to help students achieve these ambitions. 

To do this, Santander are pleased to announce the launch of £100,000 Student Impact Fund in collaboration with their friends at Crowdfunder.  They will be supporting a minimum of 50 projects by providing up to 50% (up to £2,000) of the total amount of money they need to raise so long as the project helps people to:

•             Create or run or participate in a student society or team

•             Support a charitable or social cause

•             Run a university, community or student focused project or event

As long as the project is owned and led by a student(s) from your university, they may be eligible for the funding. 

How does it work?

To be eligible for the funding students must run a Crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder.co.uk in order to raise money for their project or initiative. Student led projects can then apply for the Student Impact Fund for a chance to receive funding from Santander, subject to meeting the relevant funding criteria. For more information please visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/studentimpact