Loughborough Doctoral College

Essential information

Quick links to support

Sometimes one of the hurdles of accessing support is not knowing where to go especially when the unexpected happens. Therefore, we hope the following quick links to services that are available to all doctoral researchers to access are helpful:

  • housing advice for those living in halls or off-campus. 
  • a wide range of easy-to-access information, advice and opportunities, helping you to develop your skills and future career prospects.
  • for those experiencing emotional or psychological problems that are affecting their studies/time at university.
Disability support
  • for those living with any condition which has a disabling impact on their studies.
Finanial support
  • for those who need financial and fee advice - including hardship support, help finding part-time work, and help with contracts.
Loughborough in London
  • an overview of the welfare services available at Loughborough University London.
Medical support
  • a full range of NHS services for those who live on campus or in Loughborough town (including their families).
Mental health support
  • support by helping you evaluate the practical impact that mental health difficulties may be having on you as a student.
Student Safety
  • covers personal safety including support from University Security, police and medical services.
Spiritual support
  • a place where students are welcome to reflect, explore and express faith and spirituality - Chaplains of various faiths are available to anyone irrespective of their religious or spiritual beliefs.
Wellbeing Advisors
  • Each Academic School at Loughborough has a Wellbeing Adviser who can offer advice and support to students on a wide range of wellbeing-related issues, such as stress, low mood, bereavement, family issues, relationship issues, feeling overwhelmed and many other concerns.

Please note that we encourage doctoral researchers to access University support in the first instance if concerns stem from aspects of their doctoral programme/have an impact on progression etc.

However, if you would like external and generic support, you can access the Employee Assistance Programme (trusted by 50,000+ client companies) which the Doctoral College has paid to enable doctoral researchers to use. Provided by Assured Health the EAP provides confidential, unlimited support on any matters that might be of concern including mental health, relationships and money matters. The service is free and available 24 hours a day, both online and over the phone. The site has an extensive library of guides, podcasts, planners and more, and the service is also available to immediate family members, should they need it. Their 24/7 confidential helpline can be reached by calling 0800 030 5182 and there is a helpful guide detailing the process when calling.

Log-in details for the EAP:

      • Username: University
      • Password: PhD