Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions most often asked by students.

What file formats do you accept?

To ensure the integrity of your document is maintained we recommend that you bring your file as a PDF. However, we can take files from any of the Microsoft packages.

How much is black and white copying / colour copying?

Can I access my email to retrieve a file for printing?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot allow students to use our service PCs to access files or email.

What if my document has both colour and black and white pages?

We can print your document in black and white, colour or a combination of the two.

Print option one

Send your file to us as two separate files, one containing the black and white pages and the other one the colour pages. Once printed, you can collate the document back together ready for us to bind it for you.

Print option two

Send your file to us as one complete file and we will charge you the colour print rate for the whole document.

Can you print double sided?

Yes. We provide both single sided and double sided printing on both our black and white and colour printing devices.

My instructions ask for a window report cover – do you sell them?

Yes, we do.

Please ask for this as you request our services at the counter. They cost from 35p.

Can I email a file to you?

Yes, you can but please note that this does not provide a quicker service than our over the counter services.

During our busier periods we may not be able to print or bind the work in advance of your visit.

Our email address is

Can I pay with my Printer Credits or top them up?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept print credits as payment for services provided at the Print Services counter. We accept payment by cash, credit or debit card, or charge code.

You can top up your Printer Credits by cash or card at the Creative and Print Services reception in the Herbert Manzoni building, or by using the epayment system.

Can I get a refund on my Printer Credit funded poster?

Refunds are only available when printing errors are caused by a technical fault. We do not provide refunds for design, spelling or user errors.

Please note that we advise our customers to save files as a PDF before bringing it to us to ensure file integrity.

Please contact us if you have any queries.