Finishing services

We offer a range of over the counter ‘while you wait’ binding and finishing services.

Binding (while you wait)

  • Wire (white standard, other options)
  • Acetate covers and card backing

Wire binding is a quick and efficient method of finishing coursework. Our front of house staff punch holes through the left hand or top edge of the printed work and then thread through a wire which holds the book together.

This method normally takes 5-30 minutes depending on the volume of pages, and work can be re-bound for a small fee if you find that you need to add or exchange pages. For larger jobs we may need additional time to process the binding.

Perfect Binding (48 hour turnaround)

This ‘PUR glue binding’ process provides a high quality and cost effective method to bind your thesis work. The spine of the book is coated in glue and then the work is wrapped with a thin card cover. The book is clamped overnight while the glue sets, and then trimmed the following morning. We have a range of colours available for the cover.

Please note that printing costs and timescales are calculated separately, and printing may add an additional three working days to the lead time.

Hard thesis binding (10 day turnaround)

Normally used for presentation copies of PhD theses, hard binding is a traditional and attractive finishing option. Our bookbinder carefully stitches and glues the spine of the book, and then attaches a hard cover bound in buckram (a hardwearing synthetic fabric). The covers can be finished with traditional lead typesetting to display the title and author of the work. We stock a range of colours for the buckram cover, with samples available at the print services counter.

Laminating (24 hour turnaround)

We provide lamination services in matt or gloss finish from business card up to A0 size. By encapsulating printed materials they are made more hardwearing and waterproof as long as the plastic coating is not pierced.

To ensure best results material supplied for laminating should be as flat as possible (no thicker than 160gsm with layers kept to a minimum). As we use a hot laminator there is a small risk that items may be damaged during the lamination process. All lamination services are therefore provided at the customer’s own risk.

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For further information on finishing services please email the print team.