Frequently asked questions

Print services FAQs

How do I get my file to you for printing?

We take files over the counter at the Print Services reception in the Manzoni building from your USB memory stick. All memory sticks are virus checked before we process your file for print so please ensure that you only have the file to be printed loaded on to it to ensure the virus checking process is speedy.

Files can be sent to File integrity is maintained best when you save your file as a PDF before sending it to us.

Staff and students can upload pdf files to our online printing service website to take advantage of the majority of our printing and binding services, available both on university computers and off campus through the VPN.

We cannot access files stored on your personal email, cloud storage or university desktop.

We cannot carry out any file changes at the counter. Please make sure that your file is ready for print.

What are the standard paper sizes?


105mm x 148mm


148mm x 210mm


210mm x 297mm


297mm x 420mm


420mm x 594mm


594mm x 841mm


841mm x 1189mm

What does ‘bleed’ mean?

This is when the printed area extends out of the trimmed area. To achieve this, printers print a larger area than is required on oversized paper and then trim the paper down to the required finished size.

Can I pay by card?

At the print services counter we accept all cards except for American Express. For credit cards the minimum payment amount is £5. There is no lower limit for debit cards. We can now take contactless payments, including Apple and Android pay.

The online printing service website for staff and students accepts payment by credit or debit card, and by charge code. Unfortunately it cannot currently take payments from your print credit account.