Environmental awareness

Creative and Print Services understands the need to be environmentally friendly and we are committed to providing a quality service.

Where possible we will make it our policy to purchase stocks from sustainable sources. It is our aim to provide our customers with the knowledge that Creative and Print Services are actively encouraging sustainability for the future.

Minimising waste

  • Reduce overs to jobs wherever possible therefore reducing cost and energy
  • Ensure all waste products are disposed of in line with University Policies
  • Chemicals and sundries disposed of in line with industry and University health and safety guidelines
  • Paper and printed waste disposed of and collected by Facilities Management

Collaborate with suppliers

  • Use suppliers that are accredited in as many stocks as possible
  • Bench mark prices to obtain the best value to customers
  • Encourage the use of recycled stock wherever possible

Our aims

  • Actively encourage customers to use less paper and recommend sustainable paper stocks
  • To print duplex instead of simplex
  • To provide cost effective print solutions with the environment, sustainability and energy efficiency as key principles
  • Communicate our environmental commitments with customers and actively encourage them to support it