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The Centre provides a number of Chaplains from different faith backgrounds who are available to students and staff to provide a listening ear and support. The Chaplains are available to anyone irrespective of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Below is a list of our current Chaplains, if you have any questions about faith, they are happy to talk with you. If you just want someone to talk to, they are here. If you have a specific problem or difficulty, they can help direct you to the right place.  Please feel free to get in touch with them at any time.

Photo of Jan from "Meet the Team" leaflet

Deacon Jan Sutton
Head of Chaplaincy

tel: 01509 223 743 or 07961 846 905

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I am the Co-ordinator for the CFS. I am a Methodist Minister in the Loughborough Circuit and Co-ordinator for Loughborough Street Pastors. I came to Loughborough in 2005 and 'Love Loughborough'. I have a dog named Wally and love chocolate (fair trade of course!). I am available to all students and staff to listen and chat. Please come and say Hello.

Midhat Batool

Sister Midhat Batool
Muslim Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 743 or 07411 282 031

Amrat Bava

Amrat Bava
Hindu Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 741 or 07896 789 850

Karen Ette

Dr Karen Ette
Lay Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 742 or 07946 511 649

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I'm Karen – Lay Chaplain with the CFS, which means that I haven't been ordained and don't wear a dog-collar. Loughborough is where I gained both my MA and PhD, so I understand the ups-and-downs of student life here. I have also taught in the English and Drama department and am part of the PhD support network.


One of my responsibilities with the CFS is that of 'librarian', which involves looking after the fantastic range of books in the Centre, which are free to borrow.


I am also a Cruse-trained, accredited bereavement counsellor, and we hold a Bereavement Café here, in the break-out area, once-a-month. Everyone who has experienced a loss is welcome to pop in for a cuppa and chat; there's always a welcome at other times too.


I'm married to David, have one daughter Helen, and a grumpy cat. My taste in music is varied – George Michael, Meatloaf, Hayden, Graham Kendrick, Wesley, and my writing and research are mostly World War 1 and literature related. I multi-task at Knightthorpe Methodist Church where I am also one of the youth leaders.

My passion is cricket!

Revd Tony Johnson

Revd Tony Johnson
Sports Chaplain

tel: 01509 233 741 or 07814 864 695

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As a Loughburian born here shortly after the outbreak of World War Two, educated in local schools I am now retired and live in Northamptonshire.  In Loughborough my wife Jill and I brought up our three children.  I also taught in five schools in the town, serving as head of two of them.

I suppose that at heart I am a teacher.  After 26 years of working with children and young people, parents and fellow professional educators I graduated into my most natural and fulfilling environment – after studying for ordination – as a Church of England incumbent within a local community. 

My 23 years as a parish minister, leading up to retirement in 2009, enabled me to share my life-experience, training and passions within the community as a whole, of which the church is a historic and integrated part.  As the local vicar I had personal, professional and privileged involvement in the lives of individuals and families from cradle to grave.  In the wider community I was able to act as an encourager and active supporter in the neighbourhood clubs, pubs, schools, streets – and church.

Through my passion for people and community, I have endeavoured to ‘live’ my Christian faith and, when appropriate and necessary, talk about it, with people of all faiths and none.  This has occurred naturally - and frequently - as a result of my life-long passion for sport and outdoor pursuits of all kinds.

As a player, teacher, coach, referee and, latterly, touchline supporter of many sports, but particularly of rugby and cricket, I’ve shared an interest and involvement with many of the people I have met socially and professionally.

A sense of humour, love of music, reading, walking and taking photographs of unusual and historic post boxes (!) have all helped me to relate to people with personal interest and respect.  

Bryan Knell
International Student Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 735 or 07808 766 604

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I am the International Student Chaplain for Loughborough University and Colleges.  I have lived in the Loughborough area for about 30 years and enjoy being part of the Kings Church family which meets next to Sainburys.

 I gathered my first international student friends when I was at university and soon after that got a job leading a team of people who friended, helped and shared the Christian message with international students across the UK.  Since then I have worked for Christian charities and have visited every continent, except Antarctica.  So being involved with international students again is like coming back home.

 It is a great joy to get to know international people, to enjoy learning about different cultures and to sample food from all over the world.  I would love to see international students in Loughborough enjoying hospitality in local homes and growing in their understanding of our culture and their appreciation of Christian faith.

 I am married to Marion and we have three children, who all have international links, and eight grandchildren who live a couple of hours away from Loughborough.  Boating and cycling help to keep me healthy.  I look forward to making many new international friends on campus.

Daud Matthews

Daud Matthews
Muslim Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 735 or 07870 545 014

Joseph Nipah

Pastor Joseph Nipah
Pentecostal Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 741 or 07734 957 502

Linvoy Primus

Linvoy Primus
Sports Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 740 or 07771 530 355

Natalie Steel

Natalie Steel
Brahma Kumaris & Sikh Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 742 or 07833 554 944

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My name is Natalie and I have been practising Raja Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris for over 18 years. I have had a varied career from commercial banking to working in television and in social care. For the last two years I have been co-ordinating activities for the Brahma Kumaris in Loughborough; offering courses, talks, workshops and one to one sessions in values-based self development, so that one can experience peace of mind and a positive approach to life.

I have recently been appointed as Chaplain to Hindu, Sikh and Brahma Kumaris communities and I am based at the Centre of Faith & Spirituality (CFS) on Tuesday afternoons. I am available to listen and talk to anyone of any faith. I believe as human beings the core of each one of us is essentially pure and good. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our own inherent goodness and our strengths.

Every Tuesday from 5.30pm to 6.30pm we run Positive Spirituality Sessions (using positivity as a way to handle everyday situations) at the CFS - Room B005. Anyone is most welcome to drop in!

Phil Starbuck

Phil Starbuck
Sports Chaplain

tel: 01509 223735

Chris Stevens

Deacon Chris Stevens
Catholic Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 740 or 07801 833 856

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Hello! My name is Deacon Chris Stevens, and I'm the Catholic Chaplain to Loughborough University.

Originally from Long Eaton, after sixty odd years I'm finally back in the town of my birth. I went to Huddersfield University studying computers and after teacher training went into lecturing in Computer Systems Hardware, and Networking Systems at various Colleges in Yorkshire for 24 years.

After a period of discernment, I trained for permanent Diaconate at Hinsley Hall in Leeds, and served as a chaplain to Bretton College, assisting the Chaplain at Leeds and Leeds Beckett University, Chaplain to Leeds Trinity university along with ministering to parishes in West Yorkshire. I enjoy trying to bring the real presence of God to all faiths and none in the University setting.

I'm a Featherstone Rovers rugby league supporter, and have been for over twenty years, and get to their matches as often as I can. I do a weekly 5km Parkrun (best time at the moment of just over 34 minutes) and try unsuccessfully to keep age at bay.

Apart6 from that, I'm a Railway Enthusiast, being a life member of Worth Valley Railway, and building and exhibiting scale model railways around the country with a group of other likeminded people.

Revd Chris Taylor
Anglican Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 742 or 07946 763 257

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“Hi, I’m Rev Chris Taylor, a father of 3 and married to Susan. Having trained for ordination for 8 years (4 of them locally in Shepshed) I have joined Loughborough University as the Anglican Chaplain.  I’m here 5 days a week.

I am passionate about including everyone in God’s welcome and believe that there should be no barriers to people who seek to be in relationship with God. All are welcome regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation gender, social position or any other “anti-isms” that can so often deter people from the church.

In a nutshell my role is to support all students and staff, to serve the Institution, and be a reminder that God is with us all, all the time. I look forward to meeting up with you as I walk around the campus or you can pop in and introduce yourself,  I’ll make you a cuppa.

God Bless you”


Hi, I’m Rev Chris Taylor, a father of 3. Having trained for ordination for 8 years (4 of them locally in Shepshed)I have joined Loughborough University as the Anglican Chaplain.  I’m here 5 days a week. I think that my role is quite simply, to support all students and staff, to serve the Institution, and be a reminder that God is with us all, all the time. I look forward to meeting up with you as I walk around the campus or make tea at the CFS.

God Bless you

Revd Andy Thomson
Free Church Chaplain (Baptist)

tel: 01509 223 735 or 07845 996 746

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I am the Baptist Chaplain, but I also have a real concern for international students, having been one myself!  I was born and brought up in Zimbabwe, educated in Cape Town and London, and then worked with a mission agency in Thailand, Burma and Malaysia for 25 years.  My work included writing Bible study books for Lisu Christians in Thailand, Burma and China, and also teaching in Bible colleges and seminaries in Burma and Malaysia.  We sent our children to school in India, giving me further international experience!  My wife is English, which is why we came back to the UK.  I was the pastor of a village church for 6 years, and we enjoyed having Loughborough University students joining us on Sundays

I am passionate about the Bible, because I believe that in it God has revealed himself to us.  The thing that brought me into Christian ministry was the desire to help people be more like Jesus and I believe that understanding what God has said in the Bible is key to that.  As a chaplain, I see my role as being available to help anyone who feels a need to know God better and I am here to serve the students and staff of the university in any way that I can.  I am particularly involved in welcoming international students and helping them to settle in to life here at Loughborough.  I also try to provide support for Christian post-graduate students.  In addition I am one of the Student Union's trainers in suicide prevention.



Chris Watkins
Methodist Lay Chaplain

tel: 01509 223 741 or 07985 019 673



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