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What People Say About Us

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Every year we carry out a survey amongst users of the Assessment Centre. The results for both our 2010-11 and our 2011-12 surveys showed that 98% of service users found our staff either welcoming or very welcoming. 96% of service users said they would recommend our service to others.

While we're proud to receive such feedback, we are also appreciate of constructive feedback on how we can improve our service. By listening to the feedback both from the survey and in conversations we have with our service users we have made a number of changes over the last 2 years.  

Feedback we've received

Here's a sample of the feedback received from students and those accompanying them to their assessment.

“Was the assessor knowledgeable about the support you required?”

“The assessor put into words the understanding of my difficulties which has not happened at this depth before.  My copy of the report has been provided on green paper - Thank you.” 

“Yes, they took everything into consideration”

“The assessor was fantastic. She made a daunting meeting extremely friendly and more comfortable. She also made sure I stayed focused.”

“Extremely knowledgeable but also addressed my son at all times so it was very obvious that she was 'engaged' with him and very tuned in to his needs” (the parent accompanied their son to assessment).

“I felt really at ease throughout the whole process and was helped to find the best possible solution to help with my learning difficulties”

 “Knowledgeable on available and useful resources.  Didn't leave a stone unturned: very helpful and friendly”

 “Put me at ease and made useful suggestions”

“Did you feel that your views, concerns and wishes were listened to?”

“Considering I didn't think I was even eligible or entitled to any part of DSA I was made to feel very welcome and 'heard' after years of feeling like I was suffering alone with little or no benefits to come from my condition at all. - Thank you.”

“Assessor was very friendly and welcoming. He explained the procedure and alternative equipment to me.”

“My Son was made very welcome.  The assessor was very knowledgeable and gave him time to answer questions.  My son finds it very hard to talk to people but she made him feel very relaxed” (parent who accompanied their son to his assessment)

The assessment room was comfortable & quiet & the assessor very calm throughout & was vey happy to repeat questions etc.  Really excellent & she made the procedure very cope-able for him. (parent of a prospective student)

“How satisfied were you with the assessment procedure?”

“Everything went smoothly and fitted around my schedule.  I only wish I had applied sooner”

“They were nice people who were easy to talk to.”

“Overall a fantastic service, but far too time consuming”

“I think it was very well done and the finished report is very detailed and informative”

“Very thorough but also approachable assessor and staff”

How we used feedback

We are keen to ensure that we use the fedback we receive to continue to improve the service. Here are some of the examples of the changes we have made as a result of feedback we have received. 

Booking Process

You said:

While some students said the detail in our appointment letters was helpful, others reported that they would prefer less detail and found it too lengthy.

We did:

We now send out a covering letter with the important information about attending your appointment, and accompany this with a more detailed 4 page information leaflet about the assessment interview and the process.  This allows those students who have a preference for knowing as much detail in advance to access this information, but keeps the appointment letter in a form suitable for those who like more concise information. Download Information on the Assessment Process at Loughborough Regional Assessment Centre


You Said: 

Our pre assessment (Student Details) Form took too long to complete.

We Did:

We now send out a form that already contains the information given to us when booking your appointment to enable students to quickly check if thsi information is correct and provide any additional information.  This is sent in both paper and Electronic format to enable students to choose which is easiest to use.

Finding Us

You said:

The travel information sent out with our booking information could be improved, and the building name was not easy to see until close to the building.

We did:

We revised our travel information and offer to send out local bus timetables in addition to a campus map. The building name Herbert Manzoni has been added above the door of the main entrance in addition to the plaque by the door. 

The Report

You said: (your report)

Some students have commented that although detailed the Assessment of Needs reports are lengthy to read.

We Did:

Unfortunately there is a large amount of information that is required by both your funding body and the auditing organisation DSA-QAG in order to process your application for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).  However, we can provide you with an electronic version of the report that contains headings to allow you to jump to particular sections or to search for particular words.   Print copies can also be provided on coloured paper in your preferred font and size.  For students with difficulties holding documents open, your copy can be spiral bound.

Students are welcome to call the Assessment Centre or visit in person to discuss the contents of the report (we are open through the year).  You may find it helpful to make contact with the Disability Officer or Adviser at your university, who can offer you specific information about support at your university.  The contact details for Loughborough University Counselling and Disability Service are on the right of this web page.

After the Assessment

You said

Several students commented that you would like to receive more detail on how to access support following your assessment. 

We did:

Towards the back of your report you will find a list of contact details for suppliers of equipment and human support that is specific to the recommendations in your report.  Your assessor will provide links to useful information at the back of your report (sometimes to other organisations that may be useful for you to know about).  We also provide students with an information sheet about what to do next.  This can be downloaded here: What Happens after Assessment?

All students are encouraged to discuss their specific requirements with the disability team at their university. The contact details for Loughborough University Counselling and Disability Service are on the right of this web page.

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