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You can contact Loughborough doctoral graduates and past research staff who can help you with your career planning.

We maintain a database of Loughborough Alumni who have agreed to help Loughborough students, graduates and research staff with their career planning. Through this scheme you can contact Loughborough doctoral graduates and past research staff who can help you with your career planning.

Researcher Career Contacts can help you by providing one or more of the following:

  • Information and advice about their profession
  • An insight into their organisation
  • Advice on getting a job in their area of work

Contact with Loughborough graduates and past research staff can be very beneficial for planning your future, whatever the stage of your studies or career. You can use Researcher Career Contacts to get inside information about a career you are considering in the future or get tips and hints if you have an interview or assessment centre coming up.

What are the backgrounds of Researcher Career Contacts?

Researcher Career Contacts work in a range of careers and industries and have a wide variety of experience. Some are recent graduates whilst others have been in employment for many years. As a result, some of our Researcher Career Contacts are early career researchers or lecturers, some are on graduate training schemes and others are in senior positions in their organisations or run their own businesses. The areas of work represented by these alumni reflect the breadth of careers that Loughborough graduates embark upon or move into at a later date.

Researcher Career Contacts have volunteered and are keen to help Loughborough students and research staff with their career planning. We are continually seeking new Researcher Career Contacts, so the database is always growing.

What information is available about the Researcher Career Contacts?

You can view the following information about each Researcher Career Contact on Careers Online:

  • Employer
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Academic background
  • How they can help students/graduates with their career planning
  • Contact details will be provided to you during a Quick Advice appointment with Eve Uhlig (Careers Adviser for Researchers)

How do I use the Researcher Career Contacts database?

STEP 1 – Search the database

You can search for Researcher Career Contacts on Careers Online by clicking the 'Vacancy Management' tab under 'Find Jobs & Opportunities' (top menu bar) and selecting Past PhD and Researcher Career Contacts under Opportunity Type (left hand menu). You can then see an outline description of each Researcher Career Contact, together with a Career Profile.

STEP 2 – Make an appointment with Careers Network

Once you have identified a 'Past PhD or Researcher' career contact/s you would like to speak to you will need to book a 20 minute appointment with Eve Uhlig (Careers Adviser for Researchers) to obtain detailed contact information. In order to do this contact a member of the Information Team on 01509 222039 or

Please quote the unique reference number for the career contact/s you wish to discuss.

Prior to the appointment please think about why you wish to make contact and how the contact can assist you with your career planning or development. This will be discussed in more detail during the appointment.

STEP 3 – Attend your Careers Network appointment

During your appointment the Careers Adviser will talk through with you how the contact may assist you with your career planning and offer more advice as necessary. You will then be given the relevant contact details for the Career Contact/s you have chosen and you will be able to discuss how to achieve the best results from the process.

Making the most of your Researcher Career Contacts

Careers Network has a leaflet available to help you make the most out of your contact with a Researcher Career Contact. Please download and read Guide: How to Use the Careers Contact Scheme. Our Career Contacts are busy people who are generously giving up their time to help you with your career planning. The leaflet provides advice on your initial approach, how to make a good impression and the importance of thanking them for their support.

We hope that having contact with a Loughborough graduate or past research staff member is of benefit to you. We are always pleased to receive your feedback, so if you experience any problems or have ideas on how to improve this service, please contact us via We are particularly keen to hear success stories about using Researcher Career Contacts.