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Lboro Connect is an online community where lboro students and alumni can build knowledge and share experiences through networking and mentoring

Exclusive to Loughborough students and alumni, Lboro Connect is a current and vibrant community offering flexible ways for users to offer and browse opportunities such as mentoring, work shadowing, and insight days. It is an easy way to allow students to begin building their professional networks and for alumni to stay in touch and give something back to the university after graduation, keeping the Loughborough family together.

Who can join Lboro Connect

Lboro Connect is an online community designed to develop networks and mentoring relationships between our alumni and between alumni and students. Students and alumni are free to connect to anyone in the community as long as they treat them with respect and consideration. Our goal is to enable a generous and supportive community.

Benefits of Lboro Connect

Lboro Connect is special because it brings together Loughborough University alumni and students, a remarkable group of talented, inspiring and accomplished individuals. You can interact with the community in any way you wish. Sign up to mentor or be mentored, build your profile and search for other members who can help answer questions or provide insights you need. Simply build a profile and enjoy observing the relationships and connections that grow within the community!

Building your network

The great thing about Lboro Connect is that everyone will be starting from the beginning, so you are all in the same position. Use this new slate to communicate with others as much as possible.
  • Start by joining groups related to your interests
  • Post questions and observations to strike up a conversation
  • Comment on other members’ posts to start building a rapport
  • Start following members within the group and continue the conversation!
  • Under “people”, start filtering through those with similar interests and experience as you, or search for those with the experience and skills you wish to have
  • Follow those you have filtered and follow up with a message explaining why you have done so. By following them, this will allow you to read a “digest” of their activity and get to know them
On your home screen, recent posts will appear from people you follow. Get involved by commenting on these posts to share your knowledge and views.
For further information on networking outside of Lboro Connect, please see our Networking for career planning and job search PDF:

Joining groups

Under “groups” you will see different group types to click into and join. Search through those which may be of interest to you and click “join” if you wish to do so.
Some groups may be private, for which you will need approval from the group administrator to join, but with most you should be able to join straight away.
Once you have joined, you can post updates, comment on posts and upload documents. You can also decide whether you would like to receive email notifications from the group, and how often you want to receive them.
If there is a group that you would like to be a part of, but doesn’t exist, pending approval from an administrator, you can just create your own group by clicking on the plus (+) next to the title.
With groups you have the option to find out more about a variety of causes around and outside of the university, and you are given the opportunity to network with those you may not normally be able to connect with. We expect this function to continue to grow, so be sure to keep checking back so you don’t miss out on any opportunities!

Diversity Mentoring Scheme

Diversity Mentoring Scheme

  • Want support and advice from alumni or employers from diverse backgrounds?
  • Interested in finding out first-hand about certain sectors and careers and how to get into them?
  • Would you like to develop your ability to develop professional networks and contacts?

Apply for a mentor to help you with figuring out your options and next steps. 25 opportunities are available!

What’s in it for you?

  • Gain access and support of alumni from diverse backgrounds who can answer questions or guide you with your future career.
  • Learn about different career areas and journeys from your mentor’s experiences
  • Get advice and tips from your mentor about how you can develop yourself personally and professionally, including skills development and confidence.
  • Hear about how your mentor became successful including how they tackled any barriers they faced as a result of coming from a minority group.

Who can apply – Eligibility

The scheme is open to all UK undergraduate students that have not completed a placement year.

The alumni and employers that are available have personal experience with the groups below and therefore applications are therefore particularly welcomed from the following students:

  • BAME students
  • Disabled students
  • Students who identify as LGBT+
  • Mature students
  • Care leavers
  • Student Carers
  • Students from low income backgrounds

If you feel you don't associate with these groups, you can still get a mentor by signing up to Lboro Connect here.

How to apply

Please complete our short form here - deadline for applications is Thursday 25th October


New webinar - Lboro Connect: a guide to finding your mentor and network like a pro

Our webinar is now available for anyone who wants to learn more about networking to progress your career, making the most of Lboro Connect and finding a mentor.

This is split into manageable chapters so you can watch each part separately in your own time.

Please don't forget to click "attend" on Careers Online.

To view the webinar click here

For more information about Lboro Connect, please click on the pdf below