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Whether you’re looking for a summer internship, a placement or a graduate position, this course can guide you in the right direction with your job search.


Anna Holt, Education Executive Officer, Loughborough Students' Union

‘I think this service will benefit students greatly! The vast range of content means students across the whole university will find material related to their programmes. I’m jealous I didn’t have a subscription when I was a student!’


What have students said?

  • “I love this service but it's too expensive for me to buy. So thank you so much!”  Part B student, Computer Science
  • “As a Web Development student I just want to express my gratitude for the department taking the initiative to invest in something like this. I currently use Treehouse to sharpen my programming skills but I have heard good things about Lynda.com.  This is an invaluable resource for the students of the computer science department, and will personally help me in my FYP [final year project].”  Final Year student, Computer Science
  • “This is fantastic. I’ve used the site before through LinkedIn and it’s got really good stuff on it.” Postgraduate Masters student, School of Business & Economics

Take a look at our FAQs below for information on how to use some of Lynda's more advanced features. 

How to bookmark videos

You can use the bookmark feature to make a record of important videos so that you can easily access them later. 

To do this, use the bookmark icon next to each video in the course's table of contents.

To access all your bookmarks, hover over your name in the top right hand-side 'Hi <name>' and click 'Bookmarks'.



How to make notes

You may wish to take notes whilst watching a particular video to summarise key points or mark interesting and useful parts.

To do this, use the 'Notebook' tab next to the course's table of 'Contents' tab. 

You can timestamp your notes against particular parts of the video. 

How to view videos offline

With Lynda, you are able to download courses so that you can view them offline.  This may be useful if you do not have wifi, or if you are travelling.  

To do this, click on 'View Offline' under the video and then on the download button. 

Useful playlists to get you started...